Women’s Self-Defense?

Young woman exercising with trainer at boxe and self defense lesson. Copy space

Women’s self-defense issues are constantly in the news headlines and a ‘hot’ topic for conversations. It appears that everyone from cops to karate instructors has their own philosophy and theories concerning the how’s and why’s of self-defense for women and girls. The truth though is, that lots of of exactly the same techniques and tactics taught to men for self-protection simply won’t work for a female.

It is well know

Women suffer from things that, frankly quite, men don’t. Now, before a few of you start rolling your eyes or nodding your mind in agreement, this is simply not a women’s lib issue or anything of the type. It’s basically the way it really is. What sort of things make self-defense for women different? I’m glad you asked. Well, to begin with, physiologically speaking, there exists a 7-to-3 strength ratio between female and male bodies.

This is simply not theory or one person’s belief over those of others. Next, women will be slapped, pinned and grabbed than punched or kicked. For men, it’s just the contrary. The known simple truth is that, just about everyone has been conditioned since childhood to do something, play, and, yes, fight with both genders very differently. And attackers are no different. Fortunately that a growing number of women are increasingly being attracted to the life-enhancing great things about the fighting techinques and basic self-defense programs for increasing their degree of self-confidence and overall feelings of security and safety.


Fighting techinques instructors who understand scientific self-defense, ‘and’ have the required life experience in order to teach from the perspective that shares that experience. It’s similar to likely to a priest of counselor for marriage counselling who hasn’t been married themselves. They both have information offered by others but, neither has of expressing that information predicated on real-word knowledge anyway. The following is really a partial set of a few of the other major differences between self-defense for people. NOTHING! And, once your individual space is invaded by another individual attempting to beat one to your core, you shall know very well what I mean rather than, ever, agree with the crap that a lot of of the so-called experts are shovelling.

What to do?

Having said that, please understand that I’ve not said that each self-defense or fighting techinques instructor is filled with it. That you need to know the thing you need and ensure that that’s what you are getting. Remember – you are not investing in a couch that you could take back. A blunder of this type may cost you your daily life literally! Oh my god! What would people think!

Situational Self-Defense

rape and sexual assault are two of the largest differences between your genders with regards to suriviving an attack. The truth that men are often coping with the more obvious situations (muggings and competitive (“oh-yeah! let’s go!”-type fighting), while women, and much more and more girls, must cope with subtle tactics like date-rape or being ambushed by way of a combined group. Increase this the strength differential discussed earlier, and you also employ a different situation, requiring completely different self-protection tactics. Incorrect Information – I really believe that most instructors and teachers mean well. They aren’t out to con you. Where, in case a mistake is manufactured by you, it is possible to dump the pot and begin over just.