Woman Owned Business?

Look At Me, I’m A Woman Owned Business – Yah, So What? Over the last few months, I’ve been surveying each the company groups, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial startup associations, and small business advisers in our county, and also in other counties that are adjacent to us. What I discovered is that women owned companies appear to be getting quite a lot of assistance from women business organizations.

Consider this

Have you ever considered why this could be? Let’s discuss this for second if we could. Do you know how guys have strong egos, and if they’re lost they frequently will not ask for directions? Many individuals think this is a huge joke, but it is actually true. American men often are reluctant to ask for help, they’re relying upon themselves, and they find a way even if they spend more doing it, whereas a woman will just request directions. The same thing is true in regards to business consulting.

Many times entrepreneurial men won’t ask for assistance, and muddle through things, but with women it is not the same (generally speaking). Because women are more apt to request advice, those organizations are better attended, and the groups grow larger. They also tend to network better, help each other out, and purchase from one another. Some might say that this is unfair since they’re taking away all of the business of guys owned small businesses. Naturally, there is nothing different between that and the Black Chamber of Commerce, Asian Chamber of Commerce, or Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Small business

There are lots of small business groups which cater to particular demographics. Since half of the people in our society are girls, that’s a massive group of people and 50 percent of the marketplace, and if that proportion of the market sticks together, and goes after the male customers and clients, they’ll do quite a little better in the market.

Apparently he was jealous because he was not getting the proportion of the market share he’d hoped for, and thought it was absurd that there are all these girls business groups. But they appear to be working, they are well attended, and these girls mean business. So to answer his query;”so what,” I say; that is what.

Before you belittle a woman’s business group in your area, you may think about some of what I’ve explained to you here now. Until then, hope you’ll please consider all this and consider it.