Why To Take Women’s Self-Defense Lessons?

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Most women, irrespective of race, status, or religion, have something in common. And, that is they don’t feel the need to learn self-defense – particularly self-defense for girls. Why? When we see a growing number of violence around us each day, why girls think they don’t have a need for women’s self indulgent training? They don’t think they’ll ever need it.

Don’t believe me?

Do your own polls. Send out emails to all the women on your contact list. Now, granted, if you’re a woman and you are reading this then you are probably not one of the masses. I promise you , should you ask your friends and family members, your co-workers, and pretty much every other woman, you are likely to be amazed by what you hear. How do I know? Because I’ve been asking women for over 30 years! And, I understand that you are going to hear the same thing I do. I’m not a violent person.

I can talk myself out of any difficulties. That’s why the authorities exist. I’ve got my husband, husband, or dad to care for that. I have brothers that will protect me. I am able to defend myself – I’ll only kick him where it counts. Sounds familiar? Obviously it does. Most women assume you need to be a violent person to consider practicing martial arts – which includes studying women’s self-defense. Even if their significant-other is a martial artist, and they know that person isn’t violent, many still hold this belief.

Let’s clear the air

While it’s true that there are a few marital artists (and I use the term loosely; particularly those involved in mixed martial arts), do appreciate being violent and aggressive, nearly all individuals who research despise violence and try to avoid it at all cost! To them, martial arts isn’t about violence. It’s about much more – such as creating focus, discipline and, yes, for women’s self-defense. There are lots of martial arts which also focus on creating the soul – martial arts such as ninjutsu, tai-chi, and lots of forms of kung-fu. These arts provide you teachings that help with endurance, relaxing the soul, self-discipline, and gaining confidence in all aspects of your life.

Consider this for a second; how many girls do you know, who can do with a shot of confidence? Some, right? Probably the exact same number who should find women’s self-defense! Those people who have kids, and who take classes, have seen the impact it can have, both as a way of successful self-defense and as a motivational tool.

Self-defense, whether for men or women’s self indulgent, teaches you how you can be confident and self-reliant. With the support of the ideal teacher, you can learn to become a better you. An instructor who can lead you in the fighting arts, in learning the best method of self-defense for girls, and in the religious aspects of becoming more successful, more results-oriented, and more effective in your daily life also.

Life can be difficult

You spend your time working, take good care of the children, and much more. If you are married, it is hard enough being a wife and a mommy. If you are a single mom, it is even harder. It can be enough to drive you mad. Buteven with all that, imagine how hard it’s to fend off, escape from, or endure the vicious attack coming from a man attacker who’s bigger, stronger, and more skilled than you! But then, you do not need to imagine it. You can read about it and watch the reports of it on tv everyday. And, that is where martial arts and women’s self-defense training come in. They’re just like buying auto insurance. You e that you are never in an accident. But, you know that you just might be.


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