Why To Set Higher Standards?

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Are you disappointed that the guys you date seem to anticipate sex so early ? Worse yet, have you become OK with that? Do you believe that men are not doing enough to “pursue” you? Do you find yourself being the giver from the connection without reciprocation? If any of this sounds familiar there’s a reason and it might surprise you to know it is not all the man’s fault!

About men

Men are like children because they’ll always do whatever they can get away with – when you let them. The reality is that women that would like to be over accommodating or do anything to secure a connection aren’t only not going to find the relationship they desire, but they are setting the standard and lowering the bar for guys – and it impacts all girls who date, particularly those who seek more than a shallow or shallow relationship.

Women will need to realize that we aren’t competing against each other and drop the attitude that if you do not sleep with your date soon then somebody else will. It sets the standard for what guys expect when relationship and if you’re looking for a durable relationship it is not helping you or anyone else in the long term. If you’re looking to get the guy of your dreams you have to first acquire realistic; he does not exist.

Keep in mind

You’re not likely to get a perfect man and you aren’t perfect , nor should you attempt to pretend to be. Wouldn’t you like to discover a guy to love you for who you really are rather than the girl he wants you to be? It’s impossible to maintain a false image indefinitely, so when he realizes you are not the way you’re attempting to be for him, guess what? Instead be yourself, and it will help if you really like yourself!

Being confident and secure about whom you’re attracts the man you truly want, and you do not need to sacrifice your integrity in the procedure. Before you know it he will be chasing you! It’s a biological fact that men will need to pursue a woman so as to believe she’s worth catching. If he receives the prize too early and he does not feel like he needed to do very much to make it, then why would he make an attempt to do or b ? Remember what Grandma told you, “Why would he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?” Those were wise words women and they still apply.

Keep in mind

Men have not changed that much since Grandma’s day, but girls have! If we set higher standards like Grandma did, it is reasonable you will end up getting a better man. You teach guys how to treat you and you set the standard from the beginning so that you have to always bear this in mind when dating. What is it you really want? If you need a relationship that consists of you always chasing after his affection and attention, then by all means be clingy, needy, and over adapting, i.e.; dire.

If it is a lasting and mutual loving relationship you need then you have to remain true to yourself and understand that you’ve got value how you are, not how you believe he wants you to be. There are absolutely compromises that will need to be made in a connection, but it shouldn’t be of your values or ethics rather than during the early stages of relationship.


If you’re prepared to do that from the beginning then you ought not expect things to change with time. So ladies, do yourself and all of the rest of us who are dating a favor and raise the bar for guys to meet. Don’t be so desperate for a guy that you will do anything to get him. Show him that you appreciate yourself and he will also.

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