Why Is Pepper Spray A Practical Self-Defense Tool For Women?

woman aiming pepper spray in defensive position

What is it about the apparently benign pepper spray which make it among the most popular means for self indulgent of all time? One of the self-defense implements, it’s the largest users, the majority of which are girls. Butthis still doesn’t answer the question as to why.

Let’s see

Nobody likes to get up close and personal with their attacker; you wish as much space as possible between you and your attacker. That’s the reason this is a excellent tool for self-defense since it can leave an attacker disoriented from far away. Pepper spray has an effective range of approximately 15 to 20 feet, giving you lots of space to maneuver and escape out of your assailant.

Because of this, pepper spray is far better than the other self appointed implements like stun guns, where you will need to be within an arm’s length to allow them to work. Another thing about pepper sprays is that their consequences are immediate and can last for many minutes. Getting a whiff of self indulgent sprays from a distance can make any individual’s eyes instantly tear up and make them gag uncontrollably. The effects only worsen when administered in close range.

Did you know?

Some sprays are rated at more than 2 million Scofield heating units (which is many times hotter than the hottest sort of chili pepper), guaranteeing that anybody that gets sprayed by it’ll be paralyzed from the excruciating pain. Some of those gaseous sprays even produce a fog that will envelop a number of attackers in a noxious gas. This gas cloud will hang in the air for a fantastic few minutes, leaving your attackers confused and disoriented long enough that you make your escape.

Since this is a non-lethal procedure of self-defense, you don’t have to get a permit to carry pepper spray. Among the rest of the self-defense tools and techniques, the many sprays are a few of the most realistic and practical strategies to defend yourself. When you’re facing an attacker you will probably become too scared and panicky to recall anything you heard from your martial arts courses, but using this self-defense tool you merely need to point the canister in your attacker and squeeze. And because they come in tiny packages, they are easily stowed in bags and bags; you will find even really smaller ones which can be utilised as key chain holders. You just have to reach for pepper spray and you’ll have the ability to fend off any attacker.


Due to their non-lethal temperament, pepper sprays are a viable alternative to guns as a way for self-defense. It is possible to keep multiple canisters in your house without needing to be worried about any serious injuries. If any mishaps happen, which do involve your household; it won’t be anything life-threatening. The same thing can’t be said about guns.