Why Do You Gain Weight During Menopause?

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Why Do Women PUT ON WEIGHT During Menopause? there are many of factors which are very common to all or any women during perimenopause or menopause – actually around 90%. Metabolism, hot flashes and food craving. body and metabolism fat.

Let’s understand it

For years, a lot of women followed the traditional low-fat, with plenty of processed food items (pasta, breads, most snacks, wine and beer, etc). As time passes, this kind of diet can make insulin resistance. The full total result is that when you are gaining weight, your cells are starving actually! Another basic link exists between body and stress fat.

Stress hormones, ” despite adequate diet, your body interprets prolonged stress as a famine and your body stores calories as fat again. Stress will come in many forms including emotional, or diet-related even. Many of us are under tremendous levels of stress. Working together, each one of these factors develop a major hormonal imbalance, that may bring about weight gain ultimately.

For ladies in perimenopause, as estrogen production of one’s ovaries decreases, your system uses secondary sources – including surplus fat, skin along with other organs. As your system struggles to keep its hormonal balance, surplus fat becomes more valuable. it requires additional fat cells.