Why Being Feminine Rocks?

Young beautiful brunette woman wearing casual sweater standing over pink background Hugging oneself happy and positive, smiling confident. Self love and self care

Like my headline? I’m a straight, 43 year old girl who’s currently enjoying being in her authentic, intuitive, feminine self. Like most women of my generation, I grew up with the view put forward by the feminist, women’s-libbers I could have everything. 2) Women can have casual sex like men without suffering physical/mental/emotional consequences.

Where is the true?

These lies I feel, have caused women to be polarised in their true feminine energies, and having taken on the masculine energies to match in the office, many women feel overworked and underloved and undervalued. Iv been in that circumstance, and in the last two decades, have made constant efforts to rediscover my true feminine energy, and I’m loving it! I am. Loving myself in the center, mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

I’m gradually getting to stage where I can finally have successful, practical and happy relationship relationship. I find that you must enjoy, love, respect, respect and cherish yourself before anybody else can do these things for you. To men, I want to apologise for all those feminists, and women like myself that have been taken in by their thoughts. I know its not easy for guys how to act around women nowadays, since you don’t need to come over as supermacho types, nor do you need to be the too oversensitive wussie kinds neither.

Heck some guys do not know if their leading or after! Including the bedroom, workplace in addition to the dancefloor! I would advise both women and men to get in touch with their actual energies. Women invite in your female energies, and guys relax into your manly energies, so you are filled with purpose, know what you need to do with your lives, have confidence in your ability to achieve your goals and provide for yourselves and your nearest and dearest, and have the confidence to lead a girl.

That’s what real, female women are craving out of you. Women all you will need to do is get to know and enjoy yourselves, then simply be ready to receive all the great qualities from the manly guys. Don’t pursue, do not lead let the guys do that!