Why Are Stun Guns So Effective?

Stun gun with visible eletrical sparks with red background

The history of stun guns began with the lowly cows. A farmer, frustrated with how slow his cows were moving invented a system that has since been the bane of countless heads of cattle. Soon after, army engineers looked at ways to make the device a useful and accessible weapon.

Good to know

Early prototypes were big and bulky and battery operated. While using batteries made them portable, the effectiveness was always limited by the battery life. While it is still common to find stun guns that are powered by 9 Volt batteries, most stun devices now have rechargeable, long lasting lithium batteries constructed in.

This made them more reliable because you did not need to be worried about having a new supply of batteries out there. The second key change that was made was in dimension. Rather than the unwieldy models, smaller, lightweight styles were created, which makes them simple to carry and thus more likely to be available when required.

Additionally, using micro-technology has enabled an increase in the voltage of stun guns. Most models now carry 5 to 10 million volts rather than the 300,000 – 950,000 range that was just recently the typical voltage available. Stun guns are second only to pepper spray to using non lethal self defense. Being touched with a stun gun for 3 to 5 minutes can disable the target for up to ten minutes. It does this by sending an electric charge to the human body’s muscular system.

How it works?

This charge causes the body to more than work very quickly and depletes the body’s blood sugars. With no source of needed energy that the target is left trapped. The electric charge also causes a certain amount of disorientation and loss of balance. Just like any self defense weapon, there are a few folks who seem impervious to the consequences. Nevertheless, they are about 95% effective. Current manufacturers also have tapped into the fact that women are the principal consumers of non lethal self defense weapons.

Because of this, they’ve created stun guns in feminine colors like pink and purple. They also have made them small enough to fit in a woman’s hand. On the surface, some of these changes may appear to have nothing to do with the effectiveness of firearms as self defense weapons. Actually, it’s a great impact on their success rate.

Ultimately, the best, best self defense weapon is the one you’ve got prepared and immediately available to use if you’re confronted with a crisis. If you purchase a super dooper wooper whopper weapon, but do not carry it because it’s too tough to use, too large to fit in your handbag or, let’s face it, just too darn awful, then you’ve bought a dud. If, instead, you take a lightweight, high voltage stun gun in your front pocket, and may get it in your hand immediately, you have the very best self defense weapon.


If you haven’t found a stun gun yet, have a look at the Stun Gun website. There are an assortment of sizes and models available to meet every self protection and lifestyle need.