Which Women’s Personal Safety Secrets Are There?

Woman is wrapping hands with green boxing wraps. Isolated on black with red nails. Strong hand and fist, ready for fight and active exercise. Women self defense.

As women, we tend to be more nurturing by nature. We would like to help people and we wish to think the best of everybody. But it’s imperative to ascertain who’s safe and who’s not too fast to in today’s society. I’ve simplified among the most crucial and misunderstood aspects of personal security for girls, children, teens and men. Someone who preys on others, verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically.


Understand that an isn’t personal. Whether the attacker is or male, teen or child, or man, the victim is simply the fastest way for the attacker to have a fix. If the attacker is known to the victim, the attack is simpler because the attacker knows which psychological and emotional “buttons” to push. The simplest way to illustrate the attacker is to revisit a time when we were inside.

If you’re like me, you probably called someone a name or shoved you are little brother or sister at any point in your lifetime. We had been insecure about something; we did not feel great about ourselves in the moment (low -esteem) and we did not feel in control of the situation or our life in the moment.

Try this!

Calling someone a name or shoving someone gave us a sense of energy because although we felt out of control of our life, we can influence someone else. Obviously, many strikes are more violent and deadly than name-calling and shoving but the mindset is exactly the exact same and so is the objective.

It helps us to understand that attacks aren’t private – Realizing that even when an assault is committed by someone we know, it’s still all about the attacker’s desire to get a power fix (not about us) is beneficial in the healing process in addition to the physical self-defense procedure.


The amount of attackers may continue to grow but we have control over diminishing the amount of victims by showing people who prey on others their behaviour and the excuses they make for it will no longer be tolerated. Women are usually more interested in security than men, teenagers or children and keeping loved ones safe is of extreme importance.


Men are, of course, concerned with the of their loved ones but they have a different perspective. As women, we might feel unsafe at a parking lot and night. We probably are unsafe at a parking lot at night only based on alone; being viewed as the weaker sex by cowardly attackers who wish to dominate someone. Men, on the other hand, are statistically safer at a parking lot at night for the exact same reason. Most guys rarely feel unsafe. They’re safer in the same exact situation that a may be unsafe.


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