Which Is The Best Way To Come Off HRT?

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I’ve been taking HRT- Prempak-C -for ten decades. In light of the recent study, I’ve decided to come off it. I tried only stopping taking it have felt dreadful, with hot flushes after just a couple of weeks. Have you any advice to help me come off HRT? Firstly, it’s essential that – unless you’ve got a severe complication, which it does not sound as though you do – you come off HRT gradually, over a few months. I really do advise you to speak with your doctor about it.

Take note

As women come to the end of their reproductive life, the action in their ovaries declines since the eggs they’re born with operate our As this occurs, the amounts of the female hormone oestrogen fall. HRT was designed in the 1940s as a process of replacing the missing oestrogen. In the mid-1970s, study confirmed that using oestrogen alone significantly increased the risk of cancer of the uterus (womb), so progestogen, a synthetic version of another primary reproductive hormone progesterone, was inserted to protect the womb. HRT was subsequently relaunched as a’wonder drug’.

However, there was still hardly any hard scientific evidence to show either that HRT was secure or that it had the numerous benefits which were claimed. Since then many studies have verified that the risks outweigh the benefits normally. A consensus statement set out by the Royal College of Physicians now says that using HRT in menopausal or postmenopausal women is controversial. They urge that it should only be used for menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, in the lowest possible effective dose for the shortest possible time.

Did you know?

This is due to the considerably increased risks of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes and blood clots in the lung or leg. In November last year, the European Expert Working Group, which is made up of experts from 28 countries, agreed that physicians should not suggest it as the first line of treatment for osteoporosis. The lack of oestrogen has a range of effects, such as irregular intervals, aches and pains, low blood pressure, poor circulation, dry skin and skin insomnia, fatigue and low mood.

If the ovaries release a little bit of oestrogen, urgent messages are sent to the whole body the missing hormone is on its way and all hell breaks loose: the woman’s heart rate goes up, she begins to sweat, her face becomes flushed, her body warms up and she feels plump. Then, the moment the body realises that it is only a very small amount the symptoms subside. Remember, menopause is a natural transition. It will come no matter what if you didn’t go through it obviously because you’re taking HRT, you may go through it today. A fantastic number of women do not, in actuality, experience uncomfortable symptoms, but you need to make certain to avoid them if possible.

The important thing is to keep your stress levels down.The less stressed you are and the more harmonious your life, physically, mentally and emotionally, the better your threshold of tolerance to symptoms. In many countries, women go through menopause without bother. If they do get symptoms, they take them as part of the shift. Take regular exercise in the fresh air. Practise Yoga, especially the cobra and semi-bridge poses. For those who have hot flushes, do retention breathing the second you feel that the wave rising.

Do This!

Breathe in through your nose to a slow count of three, hold the breath for three, and then exhale slowly through your mouth to a count of six. Practise this twice daily for five minutes, so that you can do it easily when necessary. Eat fresh, wholesome meals, rather organic; prevent coffee, extra salt, hot food and alcohol. Drink 2 litres of fresh, water daily between meals. Take vitamin B complex,: one daily for 2 months.

Final note

Take Shatavari: one twice per day for three months. This Ayurvedic supplement will help to balance hormones. Take Dong Quai: one daily for three months. This Chinese supplement helps alleviate hot flushes. Massage the neck and shoulders twice a week to enhance blood flow to the brainthis is going to help sleep and improve hormonal balance. Also have professional massages twice a month, if you’re able to.


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