Which Are The Symptoms Of Low Estrogen?

Chemical molecular formula hormone estrogen. Infographics illustration. 3D rendering

Here we shall consider the imbalance in estrogen level. The event of Estrogen in women would be to help uterus to get fertilized egg from ovaries. Because of low estrogen, linked to menopause, but isn’t safe since it could cause other health issues. Thinning of osteoporosis or bones is another known symptom of showing reduction in estrogen level.

What is happening?

After menopause, estrogen level drops which insufficient estrogen decreases the absorption of vitamin and calcium D in body, both which will be the basic requirement of keeping strong and healthy bones. Following menopause therefore, following the age of 50 years, Vaginal thinness and dryness is due to Low estrogen, making the intercourse painful and decreases sex desire in women thus. Having less sex desire causes vaginal disorders.

But alternatively, in a few women, regardless of vaginal dryness, libido increases after menopause as there is absolutely no threat of pregnancy. Vaginal dryness, generally could be relieved through the use of any K-Y lubricants. It’s important to take care of depression if it’s resulting in suicidal thoughts especially. Mild mood and depression swings because of low estrogen level could be treated with natural anti-depressants. Some outward indications of low estrogen could be reduced with health supplements also.