Which Are The Early Menopause Symptoms?

Mature Woman Experiencing Hot Flush From Menopause

Most women start to experience menopause in their early 50’s. However, early menopause symptoms can become apparent as early as 10 years before women reach this age. Menopause can occur prematurely because of medical procedures, illnesses, or genetics. Hot flashes are among the most popular symptoms that women experience.

Hot flashes

About 75 to 85 percent of menopausal women will have hot flashes, also called night sweats should they occur while attempting to sleep through the night. This is true regardless of if the menopause is premature or occurs around the normal time. This sign is more widespread if your menopause starts before turning 50 years old. Women who have experienced an induced menopause are considerably more likely to experience hot flashes, as close to 90 percent of those women experience them.

What’s happening?

When you’re having these symptoms, your face and neck appear to increase in temperature for no reason. Your skin will really feel hot to the touch. Your face may become flushed, and your body will instantly start to sweat in an effort to cool off you. As fast as these premature menopause symptoms occur, they may go away just as quickly, leaving you with a chilled, shivering feeling. Having trouble sleeping is just another of the most popular early menopause symptoms which you’re likely to face. Tossing and turning is prevalent for women in this period of their life. Night sweats can make it too uncomfortable to have a great night’s sleep.

However, these symptoms may also occur without the presence of hot flashes at night. Additionally it is possible that you begin having sleep disturbances as many as five decades before showing any other premature menopause symptoms. To deal with insomnia and other sleep problems that arise, avoid drinking caffeine, particularly 3 to 4 hours before bed. Exercise earlier in the day so that your body is going to be somewhat tired and ready to unwind at night. Wind down with a nice, hot tub or glass or hot milk. Keeping a cool bedroom may also reduce these premature menopause symptoms if they’re encouraged by night sweats.


Women may start to know this indication of premature menopause prior to any other. This is because they detect considerable amounts of hair in their brush every day, or thinning becomes really noticeable in the mirror. They may also realize that their hair is becoming dry and brittle, causing it to break easily. This symptom is due to the decrease of estrogen in the body. Herbs can sometimes help the issue.