Which Are The Benefits Of Natural Progesterone?

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The body’s own Progesterone is produced chiefly by the ovaries and by the adrenal glands. It’s a precursor to dhea, estrogen and testosterone, and to cortisol, the stress . The term”progesterone” is the natural form found in the body, rather than the term”progestin” that is the synthetic form usually found in the contraceptive pill.

Take note

It’s very important to make this distinction since these words, sadly, are inclined to be used interchangeably when they should not be at all, they’re two completely different materials. When we talk about”Natural Progesterone” we’re generally referring to using a nutritional supplement, most commonly delivered to the body by means of a transdermal cream. Transdermal essentially means”through the skin”.

Natural Progesterone is bio-identical (biologically the same) into the hormone your body produces. Manufacturing is carried out by extracting diosgenin from wild yams, or occasionally soybeans, and converting them into real progesterone in a lab. Synthetic progesterone (progestins) medications can also be made from diosgenin but the molecular structure is altered from what’s found naturally. Synthetic progestin drugs can cause many known side effects.

It was originally isolated the chemical diosgenin from the 1940’s in the Mexican wild yam that was also the origin for the first birth-control pill. Diosgenin is a precursor to progesterone and unlike the artificial hormones available by prescription, natural progesterone is identical to what is found within the human body. It’s noteworthy however, that lots of products may list wild yam extract on the tag containing diosgenin but really contain no progesterone. When purchasing, it’s ideal to get a pharmaceutically standardised product that means there’s a standard number of active ingredient (progesterone) in every container from batch to batch.

Good to know

For example in the USA a standardised cream would have the words USP on the tag representing the manufacturer is adhering to the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia. In the United Kingdom they adhere to the BP British Pharmacopeia. Female victims of PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) migraines frequently discover the situation might be corrected by using a natural progesterone cream.

In its natural form, it acts as a , which means girls using these supplements might need to visit the toilet more often, however on the upside they’re spared the fluid retention and weight gain experienced by girls on synthetic progestins. Natural progesterone is packed as capsules, tinctures or transdermal creams, together with the lotions being the most common form for use. Unfortunately delivery via pill or capsule form isn’t generally effective as the pill disintegrates from the gut and gastrointestinal tract and never enters the machine.

Take into account

The synthetic progestin can produce severe side effects such as increased of cancer, abnormal menstrual flow, fluid retention, nausea, and depression. Other severe side-effects may include facial hair development, depression, cardiovascular disease, liver ailments in addition to a huge range of other unwanted symptoms. With a decrease of Progesterone in the body, a condition called normally develops. Estrogen dominance is reported to be responsible for a range of reproductive health problems, such as infertility, , and various cancers.

It refers to an excess of estrogen relative to insufficient progesterone. To put it differently, you can have low or normal estrogen levels, but in case you’ve got low progesterone you’ll have estrogen dominance. Since women often suffer from estrogen dominance over men, it could be a good idea to seek advice from a healthcare professional such as a Gynaecologist who will provide additional advice and treatment recommendations.

The effects of elevated levels of Estrogen include the following: arouses breasts cysts, raises body fat storage, fluid and salt retention, depression and headaches, interferes with thyroid hormone, raises blood clotting and risk of stroke, decreases (), impairs blood glucose control, reduction of zinc and retention of copper, decreased oxygen levels in most cells, increased risk of , increased risk of cancer.

The impacts of Progesterone: protects against breast cysts, helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips, natural diuretic, natural antidepressant, eases thyroid hormone activity, normalises blood clotting, increases libido, normalises blood glucose levels, normalises zinc and copper levels, restores proper cell oxygen levels, prevents endometrial cancerhelps prevent breast cancer, increases bone construction.

Did you know?

When Natural Progesterone is used the entire body re-adjusts the estrogen dominance back to normal. Another advantage of using this natural treatment is its impact in combating PMS . Progestogens don’t diminish PMS, in fact they generally worsen the symptoms. It’s been suggested that it might be highly beneficial for people who suffer from monthly follicular ovarian cysts. As the natural hormone is produced during the latter half of the menstrual cycle and all throughout pregnancy (“pro” means “for” and gesterone means “gestation”), natural progesterone indirectly indicates the ovaries to stop producing eggs, hence the cessation of cyst development.


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