Whay Is The Hypnotic Belief System?


Do you believe you will find the flu if you get a chill after swimming or if a different person sneezes or coughs in your existence? Whatever you believe in, you may take on such a quality or situation, buying into it as your own. Then you crash, your immune system gets reduced, and the cells can’t fight the intrusion of the negative energy that you’ve allowed to come in.

Take into account

Bacteria can’t invade unless it’s invited, if you don’t give your approval and permission to let it enter, and that’s through your belief system rather than living your truth, your true nature. To address and resolve your issues, challenges and problems can be broken down into 3 categories. Let’s take a look at each category.

  • Identify Controls -‘What you identify with will restrain you’. Whatever you live upon, whatever you believe in will control you, and you’ll attract those exact qualities or experiences to you, whether it’s positive or negative conditions. Energy is expressed from the inner to the outer. Your hypnotic belief system is what you believe in and what you feel inside is reflected into your outside experiences. Quite often you might not have the knowledge of what your inner core beliefs are, but the clues are reflected inside your own experiences. It reflects your level of self-worth, empowerment and your influences and limitations based upon the choices that have made. Until you are prepared to check in for understanding, you may blame, judge and be angry or moody with other people from the miserable experiences. Only through observing the sort of experiences you play inside, can you know what your beliefs are. It’s by looking at yourself in your reflective mirror, to let go and confronting your fears rather than judging or blaming others out of self for your events and become completely responsible for this occurrence.
  • Attention Flows -‘Where your attention goes your energy flows’, for the result of your situation are caused from the belief system of just how much you live upon a circumstance. By placing your focus on a problem or focusing on an event with emotion is where your energy goes and this is what is going to control you. You will create that situation or experience. This occurs with both negative and positive experiences. Therefore, it’s important to comprehend the link of planting your seed ideas, for these seeds will grow to make your experiences in the long run.
  • Believing is Achieving – Also, what you think in you may achieve, as all things and desires are possible if you believe. Your imagination can’t even go there, if you don’t think in it first. Yet, if you think you don’t want something, anything out of you can’t and won’t support you in everything you request, as it can only give you those things which you think in by your selection. You will know what your internal beliefs are by your current experiences and by your current thoughts and responses to a circumstance.

Final note

Because of change and evolutionary development, you aren’t the identical individual 1 year, 10 years or 50 years ago so why hold on the very same beliefs as you did then you’re young? Why do you hold on the exact beliefs as your forefathers had? You’re not them and they’re not you – they’re in a different level of consciousness and you understand that the life style of yester-year no longer exists, so why continue to the exact beliefs they had? Why hold on to the old beliefs and scriptures which were written for a suffering, harsh, poverty stricken, brutal and cruel consciousness at the moment. Technology follows consciousness so in a material-technical age is it appropriate to continue to these beliefs that only enable a few, but disempower the majority?