What would Men be without Women?

Sisterhood is powerful - Feminism stock photo

When you get right down to it, this world would not be the same without women. The older I get, the wiser I get and the more tolerant. I believe that the tolerance stems from an understanding that only comes from having lived many lives in one and walked a million miles.

Importance of woman

Men can say what they like but my observation proves that when they age, they do not feel safe with no woman around. There’s just something steady concerning the home maker and cook, they can not get any other way.

I recently took on a job which involves housekeeping and helping out with the older and the shut-in. Just being around them, makes me thankful for my body and quick mind. There’s one elderly man, specifically, who resides in a 5th wheel trailer, permanently parked at a camping park. His neighbors are single or widowed elderly men and they group together for relaxation, meals and friendship.

I go to his place once a week and work for about an hour, dusting and vacuuming and cleaning up. While I’m there, his friends just ‘happen’ by, to sit on the porch. It begins with his next door neighbor and finishes with 4 or 5 guys, sitting on the porch and listening to the noises coming out of the trailer. Vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes.

Men need women

I catch a glance in my direction, every now and then and I understand they’re sharing the existence of a woman, with their friend. Just having a girl wielding a vacuum cleaner and making housekeeping sounds, is nourishment for their souls. I do not mind, I know I’m helping them by simply being there.

The older ‘man of the house’, confides in me, some of the strangest things one would ever imagine. He barely knows me but when he explained that he had a woman friend from 50 miles away, coming to see him, I spent a little additional effort making the place smell clean and pleasant. As I was ready to leave, that day, I bent over and whispered to him, “When they leave too soon, do not believe their little explanations. It’s because your location is stinky but I made sure that won’t happen tonight”.

The following week, he let me understand that he’d gotten ‘blessed’. I smiled. You will find so little comforts when you are old, weak and ill and I’m glad I’ve found a way to supply a number of that for another human being. It’s amazing what a gift it’s, merely to be present one of these old guys, who gather around for the odor of lady, while pretending not to notice.

Feeling of being cared

So ladies, when you are feeling neglected or taken for granted, allow me to assure you that without you, the world turns cold and unpleasant. They do not tell you this. They might not even realize what this world would be without you. Your very existence, doting on the house, doing ordinary daily chores, is a massive gift to all those around you. It’s not only the clean house or the ready meals. It’s a feeling of being cared for that isn’t going to come to them, any other way.