What Works For Headache And Migraine?


There are many ways to treat headaches. Here are some headache pain remedies that can be used to treat migraines and headaches. Relax and take a deep, slow breath. Use a cold, wet towel to wrap around your head, focusing on your forehead, temples, and neck. Hot towels are more popular with some people.

Many Tips

  • There are many triggers that can cause headaches. Keep a journal for a few days so you can identify what triggers your headaches. Migraines can be triggered by certain foods, such as red wine, milk products and too much salt. Stress and overtraining can also trigger migraines.
  • Biofeedback can help you take control of your mind and body.
  • Relax your eyes and muscles by using relaxation techniques or a massage.
  • Feverfew is an herbal remedy for headaches.
  • Many people report that Magnesium has significantly reduced the frequency of headaches.
  • A strong cup of coffee is recommended. Caffeine helps to reduce blood vessels dilation, which can lead to headaches.
  • Take vitamin B2 or coenzymeQ10 as often as you can.
  • Aromatherapy can be a great option. Aromatherapy can help.
  • Eat regularly. Some people report that skipping meals can cause headaches. A drop in blood sugar can trigger headaches.
  • Avoid flashing and bright lights.
  • Play a variety of sports.


  • Cluster headaches can be confused with migraines, and are often different. Some of the above treatments do not work for cluster headaches.
  • Relaxation is not healthy. Instead, do some hard work. Relaxation can make it worse.
  • Conventional painkillers are unlikely to work, but fentanyl is. Triptan drugs like Zolmitriptan and Sumatriptan can help.
  • Pure oxygen can provide immediate relief and can even stop cluster headaches.
  • An injection of steroids directly can provide quick pain relief. 6. Make sure you have a strong cup of coffee.
  • Take a cold shower.

Important Note

  • Not all headaches can be treated with the same care. Headaches can be caused by many diseases that require medical attention. If you have any questions or the headache persists, consult your doctor immediately. Many people can get rid of migraines and headaches completely by changing their lifestyle. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and a reduced stress level are key.