What To Know About Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery?

Asian doctor and an assistant in the operating room for surgical venous vascular surgery clinic in hospital.

For most women having a tubal ligation was the ideal option for them. And, as with everything in life, circumstances can change and the choice is regretted. Some girls who’ve had their tubes tied will determine it wasn’t the ideal thing for them to do.

Did You Know?

Over time they may start to attempt and figure out ways to get the procedure “reversed” because they would like a different child. As time goes on and they start talking to people in the medical community, the couple is usually advised to explore IVF. Although IVF does and can help many people, not all couples can manage the cost.

In this day and age the economy is struggling and many simply don’t have the additional money to pay out. With IVF being so expensive and no promise of pregnancy, many couples need to pass on this option.

Tubal reversal surgery

It is a procedure where the fallopian tubes have been mended. A reversal surgeon will remove the damaged portion of the fallopian tubes and then reattach the healthy remaining parts. This operation will allow the couple to conceive in the most natural manner possible. Reversal surgery has advantages over in vitro fertilization in a lot of ways. The cost of tubal reversal surgery by the top surgeons is about $7,000.

There are no additional drugs as used in IVF that can be extremely taxing on the female’s body. Another great and this operation is that the couple can have as many kids as they desire without additional medical intervention. Needless to say, once the couple feels their household is finished they will need to use a form of birth control. Reversal surgery could be performed as an outpatient procedure. Having the operation performed as an outpatient procedure is safer because of not being exposed to sick patients.

Keep in mind

The expense of outpatient reversal surgery is more affordable because there are no extra hospital expenses. With this sort of operation the patient is allowed to return home the day after surgery. A member of the tubal reversal staff will analyze the patient and after this is completed the individual and her adult companion are then able to leave the resort. The recuperation time after outpatient reversal is generally minimal.

Most patients are feeling great a couple of days following the operation. There are limitations such as no heavy lifting. Patients who did not attempt to do too much immediately after surgery reported better recuperation times. As most of us know, a lot people try to push things too quickly and the recovery process can take more.

Final note

As seen the Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Report 2009, tubal reversal really has a better pregnancy rate after tubal ligation over IVF. With more than 5000 patients being closely followed and reporting pregnancies, this is the biggest tubal reversal study conducted so far. Reversal surgery has changed the lives of thousands of couples. The operation and improvements being made all of the time has helped many couples become parents following tubal ligation.