What To Know About The Divine Feminine?

The Light Head. Silhouette of young woman on sky background with sun in her head.

The divine feminine reveals the presence of the mother goddess within us and the world in the kind of thoughts, dreams, symbols and images. Additionally, it represents fertility, reproduction, movement, creativity and production. The mother goddess in this type is the puzzle in addition to the reality of the world and symbolizes the presence of the supreme as the origin of all life.

Feminine archetype

If we look in the early times to the most recent of religions we find the divine feminine archetypes are linked to the practice of death, decay, rebirth, purification, transformation and lighting of matter. This archetype representation was seen from the ancient goddesses of the lost civilizations like Ishtar-Astarte or the goddess traditions in Paganism, Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism.

The divine feminine archetypes depict the fact of life in the fullest of the assembly of the spiritual and the material world is only possible through the reflection of the divine feminine. This truth of divine feminine and its manifestations needs to be reemphasized in the present world that has all but abandoned the actual nature of the world and the supreme.

Divine feminine

Though the divine feminine archetypes were accepted and venerated in the early days of individual civilizations, somewhere down the line this powerful feminine connection was lost in lots of the modern religions. Today we’re paying the price for this mistake. Most of the issues that are seen in the modern world are the result of studying the supreme as “He” and this “He” is credited with all the bloodshed of holy wars and conquests. The fact is far away from this myopic view.

The ultimate force in truth is the culmination of the feminine and masculine principles of character in a universal emptiness that’s devoid of any beginning or ending. The Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu philosophies talk loudly of the culmination of the divine feminine and masculine resulting in the creation of the universal void. This is reality and the ultimate fact of life that clearly shows to us that the female principle is the origin of birth, nurturing, creative and generative change in addition to the cause of decay, death and regeneration.

Unless we take the manifestation of the female principle or divine feminine in the kind of birth, growth, death, decay, transformation and rebirth, we’d be unable to appreciate the working of the world. In reality the divine feminine or the female principle accounts for the nurturing and sustaining influence of this world and it’s the absolute source for its proactive and initiating nature of the masculine. This is true within us and the outside universe.

Did you know?

In Hinduism it is very clearly taught that all creativity in this world is the effect of the interplay of the divine feminine and masculine. The Taoists, see this fact from the symbolism of Yin/Yang in which the white and black forces interact to produce the universe. Tibetan Buddhist respect this interplay of the divine feminine and masculine through the symbolization of this dorge along with the bell.

The Bell is the female as well as the dorge the masculine aspect. All rituals are done with the support of these symbols. We must comprehend that the truth is to observe the world as a whole rather than separate he or she or the dark or the light or the day or night. The universe is actually the interplay of all of these manifestations. Further there’s absolutely not any question of any presence of the manly without the occurrence of the female principle.

The female principle is the beginning, the current and the end of all and the masculine is only an attribute supporting this worldwide phenomenon. The fact remains that in liberty, the masculine principle doesn’t have any meaning and purpose in any respect.


The irony of the world is that we only see one half of the truth that’s the secondary and dependent half. We have actually become blind to the primary and independent facet of the truth. Because of this anomaly and its consequence in the shape of uncontrolled manifestation of the masculine principle, we could see great imbalance in the world.

All of the chaos and destruction that we’re seeing today is the end result of this anomaly and imbalance. To restore the equilibrium of the world we will need to rekindle the divine feminine that really exists in most of us.

The goddess that exists in us must be called upon and expressed within our own inner self in addition to the external universe. Only the power of the goddess can propel us towards the real direction and purpose of our life. The Mantra is to achieve a balance in life by evoking the female and proceed towards the path of supreme liberation. Once we begin achieving the balance within our own inner self, then it begins manifesting in our relationships with others and the world at large. This is the only method to bring back the balance in the world.

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