What To Know About Hemorrhoids Remedies?

Horse chestnut

Hemorrhoids are a common condition that affects many people. There are hundreds of remedies available, from over-the counter creams and suppositories to prescription drugs, old home remedies to traditional Chinese medicine. My research has revealed three main issues regarding hemorhoids that any treatment or remedy should address. No matter what the cause of your hemorhoids is, they are always unpleasant.


Itching, burning, and bleeding can be very unpleasant, especially if the area is active in walking, sitting, or “eliminating”. Most hemorhoid sufferers will seek immediate relief. These include medicated pads, suppositories, and over-the-counter creams. Some claim to have ingredients that can numb the pain or shrink the swelling. I don’t know if you’re a TV viewer, but I have never seen my hemorhoids shrink like they describe on TV.

The anesthetic cream did nothing for me. Hospitals will prescribe witch hazel pads to new mothers with hemorhoid issues. This is definitely something worth looking into. Petroleum jelly has also helped me with the discomfort, while I waited for the hemorhoid problem to resolve on its own. These hemorhoids remedies only treat the symptoms. They relax the tissue and keep it moist and lubricated. But what about the root cause of the piles.

Fiber Intake

You’ve probably also heard fiber is important in preventing future hemorhoids. Guess what? It is. You should be careful when increasing your fiber intake. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. You could cause or increase constipation, which can make hemorhoids worse. Fiber is important for hemorhoids and general health.

What are the main causes and aggravators for hemorhoids? You may be aware that hemorhoids can be caused by constipation or diarrhea, as well as straining during bowel movements. Hypertension (high blood pressure), can also lead to hemorhoids. Poor posture, obesity, long sitting, and smoking are all factors that can lead to hemorhoids. Do yourself a favor and make some changes in your lifestyle and diet if you have piles. It’s easy to just sit back and say this, but I can understand that you may also want to speed up the healing process.


There are many hemorhoids remedies that people swear work to reduce or eliminate their symptoms in a matter of days. These remedies combine traditional methods, such as cold compresses and witch hazel, with an alternative ingredient such as horse chestnut.