What To Know About A Strong Woman?

Funny young woman showing off her biceps clenching her fists in a power gesture while laughing at the camera

Our world is composed of many powerful women. Everyone has their own definition of power and what it involves, but I guarantee you, everyone has someone they know which can be placed on this list. A powerful woman could be you, your mom, aunt, cousin, wife, girlfriend, teacher, or the cashier at the department store.

Let’s see…

When you examine a girl, the things that you don’t see are equally as important, if not more significant, than the things you do see. What you see is the final result of time, effort, loss, hope and pain, among other things. The reason I say almost the end is because of every day, every second of the day, we’re still growing, learning, attaining and solving a brand new dream or dilemma.

A strong woman does not need one to break through obstacles to attain her soul. Her spirit is right there and you’ll see it when you look into her eyes. She knows the various kinds of love, and it has felt the sting of loss. She does not rely on other people but knows when to request assistance. If she’s made a mistake, she learns from it and is responsible enough to own it.


A powerful girl knows how to treat people, whom to stay close and whom to keep at bay. I use to believe that a few girls I knew where feeble. That’s the way I identified individuals, two classes, weak and powerful. I had a few strong women in my life; thick skinned, tough, determined, yet very loving. Their laughter rings in my ears now. I can inform you that I’ve learned a lot about life from them. Perhaps you have learned valuable life lessons from other girls? Has it changed your life? A powerful woman may not tell you exactly what she’s gone through or where she pulls her internal strength from, that’s your responsibility to figure out or she’ll tell you if she wants you to know.

Her loving soul hasn’t been hardened by life, but continues to be made softer and more sentimental with time. Why is a strong woman? To me, you can take the identical situation and provide it to two girls, one of these women won’t just exceed your expectation with the results of that circumstance, but walk away unscathed by it, and the other girl will be not able to manage the circumstance. A powerful woman knows her strengths and weaknesses, the way to love and be loved, she knows how to let her voice be heard with of the drama, she knows how to hold her head up high during the most stressful times, she understands how to be considerate despite not needing to be, she knows how to distance herself from the unkind, and how to love beyond measure.


A strong woman has many layers, that’s the reason they’re known as thick skinned. Those layers understand heartache and struggles. They understand how to extend love to everyone they know. Their present is their strength. They provide their energy to you and your aim should be to give it back. Stand up and admit her, as she needs respect. She does not depend on a connection or anybody to define who she is, but understands it is a massive bonus to have one. It takes a strong man to love a strong woman. A strong man will walk side by side with a powerful girl. A powerful man knows that he doesn’t specify the relationship, that it’s an equal bond made from both. A strong man will highlight her strengths and give her support during her moments of weakness.

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