What To Do When Confronted With Violence?

Bullying, aggression and violence scene between two males, one young adult male punches his peer near a bricks wall

Let’s be clear in regards to a handful of things shall we? Self-Defense TaeBo is not, Cardio Kickboxing or FIGHTING TECHINQUES Fitness classes or the myriad classes on offer to ladies in the guise of self-defense.

Take note

We wish to share the most typical mistakes women make when met with violence.

  • Hope – They away hope it’ll go. The truth is it won’t disappear completely and soon you take the required actions to get rid of the problem.
  • Compassion – Usually do not put your moral values on your own attacker.
  • Fairness – It generally does not exist in violence. In case you are looking to be rules there, here’s one, you can find none.
  • Both are incompatible completely.
  • Equal – Don’t think it is possible to compete equally together with your attacker’s degree of violence. You are not programmed this way.
  • Anger – Don’t let your anger lead you right into a challenging or confrontational situation. You should keep an obvious head.
  • Submission – Don’t quit, ever, we’re Safe – Don’t continue steadily to lie to yourself or all your family members.
  • Prepare yourself as well as your family.
  • You didn’t start anything or require any trouble. You’re justified in defending yourself.


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