What Should You Know About Empowered Asian Women?

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The contemporary Asian woman is making enormous strides in the field of equality with men. The experience of many girls from China is characteristic of those changes which are occurring across much of East Asia in growing economic states. When we think about the position that women held in traditional Chinese society and then compare this to the larger economic, educational, and social opportunities that girls enjoy now, the signs of radical change is overwhelming.


The Asian girl in China has greater freedom and financial opportunity than ever before. In early Chinese culture the use of the girl was largely confined to the house. Young women were often treated as a liability until they attained the age of being able to marry. At this moment, they were then given to another family once an arrangement was contracted between the parents. Women in ancient China had little (if any) enter to the decision about”that” are their husband. Consequently, they had no control over what direction their life would take afterward.

In this culture women had no real control or power over their own fate. They had been expected to quietly submit to the unfair realities of life which needed to be endured without complaint. This was the bitter character that ancient Chinese civilization forced upon their women and young women. The first real change for the women of China came during the length of the Nationalist government called the “republic” years. During this period of time girls in the big cities were given the opportunity to acquire formal education.

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Women cherished this chance to research beside men in the classroom. It would prove to be quite a large step for the rights and standing of Chinese girls. When communism came to power in 1949, the unequal distinction between people was eroded even further. Beginning at this time, women were given the chance to find instruction and to hold jobs in society at large. In actuality, under Mao’s rule many women started to hold important political positions in the government.

These women exercised their influence in an assortment of ways. The contemporary era of communism in China has witnessed a back and forth motion in respect to the rights and privileges of women within the society. Women continued to enjoy the political power as they did under Mao. However, Chinese women also started to discover the effect of foreign music, films, and popular western civilization. It’s been during this time period that Chinese women started to abandon the standard style trends of China. They instead begun to adopt the more recent trends that were imported from the West.

During this same period, Chinese women have developed several new ideas which were never a part of traditional Chinese civilization. This would include the freedom to choose their own husband, or to stay a single mother. In the 1990s a growing number of girls began to leave China for higher education and employment. Because of this, these women developed more liberty. Such liberty is clearly out of character with traditional Chinese culture.

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Women learned to look after themselves in overseas countries of the world. Because of this, Asian women in China have played a massive part in the institution of”Chinatowns” in several foreign countries such as America. Despite the positive effects of the new power Chinese girls have achieved since the arrival of communism, there remain social concerns in China now about the rising phenomena of divorce.

As an example, many Beijing residents will inform you that among the very serious changes in Chinese society is the terrific surge in the cases of divorce. According to Beijing Youth Daily, the divorce rate in Beijing rose to 24.4 percent in 1994. This was more than double the 12 percent rate just four decades before. The national divorce rate is currently 10.4 percent. This remains far behind america divorce rate. For girls in Beijing, the expansive divorce rate is a manifestation of a new social freedom and economic empowerment. It’s also proof that Asian women bring new expectations to union. More than 70 percent of divorces are initiated by women, say divorce attorneys in China.

The typical reason given is that the husband has had an affair with another woman. The contemporary Asian girl is making greater strides in several areas which were once fully closed. However, together with the increased freedom, both economically and socially, has come a new challenge. This challenge reflects a number of the exact experiences of people who reside in the West.


As the role of women has changed in China, so has the nature of human relationships such as marriage and loved ones. Yes, the Asian woman of today has more freedom than ever before. Furthermore, she has more responsibility for her own joy. A married women remains an essential figure in the family she’s selected to help create. A single girl must decide what’s the best option for her future happiness. The gift of Asian womanhood is equally precious and deep. It’s true now more than ever!


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