What Is The Truth About Feminine Energy?

We’re all familiar with the concepts of feminine and masculine, both in our everyday lives as men and woman and in what society expects of our behaviour. Well, there’s more than that. These energies are as old as time and have been around longer than most of us even though we feel comfortable with them.

Energy factor

Despite the fact that we may perceive them as distinct energies that they are only dual aspects of one – the exact same yet different. They battle each other yet at the same time can’t exist without each other. Over the past 50 to 100 years or so we’ve observed a comeback of female energy. Women have been empowered and have abandoned their quiet market in the background where history has left them for so long. Every woman’s female energy differs in precisely the exact same way that each and every woman is unique yet we know so little about where the concept came out.

The female was ever present in history, both biblical and Darwinist. Eve was beside Adam in precisely the exact same manner as cave girl probably had to pick up cave mans’ filthy animal skin he threw on the ground the night before. Feminists would have us think that from now we as women are forced to follow in man’s footsteps, but we haven’t always taken the back seat. Many historical texts will have you think that this continuous swinging back and forth is where we’re experiencing strong manly following a period of strong feminine energy.


In ancient Egypt the crown passed through the female line (mainly since they could clearly guarantee the mother but not always the father of the child), women could own land, take political office, and appreciate most of what we believe modern freedoms. For the most part the early Egyptian society was the epitome of balance between the feminine and masculine energies, however when the masculine became too powerful the empire crumbled into warfare.

It might be said that around this time the energies started to shift towards the manly, consider the following Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and other conquests that followed. Many of these ancient religions and societies realized the value of the female energy, even worshiped it, along side its masculine counterpart. Yet for many centuries after it was suppressed. Constantine practically rewrote the Bible to eliminate it. Feminine energy encompasses aspects of peace and home. According to Laura Pearson “the female is like fire. It may be warm and create an intimate atmosphere. It generates light and generates heat.” Feminine energy a its center is nurturing.

We nurture those around us simply by being. So, having made it almost shameful to enjoy the female the planet has strongly lacked in that nurturing. We’ve observed an increase in wars, discord, and from equilibrium mayhem from the lack of equilibrium. But if we’re swinging wildly back and forth will it ever end? Each faith has it’s own feature of the female, be it that the goddess Hathor, the moon trinity, as well as Mary in Christianity.


Women today have to tap back into and reconnect with our own female energy. We expend so much time around the manly world around us which we get lost inside. Taking back that balance that we once had is essential if we want peace on earth again. By recognizing our own female energy we have a step down that long road, and by culturing it in people around us we spread that female love. We are in control of that energy, it’s something man has struggled to understand. So with that in mind take some time to your nurture and reconnect with the feminine you’re indoors and I promise you and people around you’ll reap its re energizing rewards.