What Is The Secret To Fear No Man?

Frightened Hispanic woman talking on smartphone while looking back at criminal following her in parking lot

This is actually the third instalment on how best to defend yourself the smart way. We’ve covered the largest mistake in self-defense and the trick to winning against an attacker twice your size. This short article is about how exactly to address your fear. Fear is really a natural reaction once you know your safety is in peril.

What is happening?

Your heart is pounding at 100 miles each hour in your ears. Your breathing is sharp and short. You have tunnel vision. You begin to sweat. You begin to shake. You can’t even hear yourself think. Hell, you do not even know everything you are thinking. You’re needs to panic. You might wet your pants and freeze even. Things fast happen, extremely fast, in a physical confrontation. Lots of things are happening within your body. Your fear causes your nervous system to flood your system having an adrenaline dump. This is actually the body’s solution to prepare you for fight or flight.


Adrenaline could be a friend or an enemy. A detailed friend for the reason that it certainly makes you stronger. An enemy, since it limits your movements to only broad gross motor movements. In order to have the ability to control your fear you must understand your 3 brains. You have 3 brains. MIND controls logic and reason. Monkey Brain controls emotions and feelings. Lizard Brain controls coordination and movement.

Fear is controlled by your Monkey Brain. The nagging problem is that whenever your Monkey Brain is in charge, logic and reason are out the window. You are not capable of taking decisive actions, only impulsive ones. Impulsive actions aren’t good whenever your life could possibly be on the line. As you do not have the faculty of reason and logic, you do not see any alternative than to fight desperately and blindly. When escape can be an option even, you will be blinded to it by your Monkey Brain.

Let’s understand it

The problem is compounded by the known fact there isn’t one Monkey Brain at play but two. You are suffering from fear as well as your attacker is consumed with rage. Two Monkey Brains at war, the full total result isn’t good. There exists a justification why you cannot talk the right path out of trouble. You cannot reason with a Monkey Brain. Probably the most intelligent decision you may make in a physical confrontation would be to engage your Lizard Brain and begin walking away; if it’s an option.


The trick to controlling fear would be to control your Monkey Brain. The ultimate way to control your Monkey Brain has been this breathing exercise. This kills two birds with one stone.

  • Buys you the proper time for the MIND to regain control.
  • Supercharges all of your cells with oxygen to truly get you and physically ready for extreme action mentally.

Controlling your Monkey Brain is essential. You will need your MIND operating to possess any chance fully. The plain things you’re afraid around your attacker are his size, aggression and strength. Do not concentrate on the plain things you cannot win. The strongest man is as strong as weakest links. His eyes, ears, groin and throat are his weakest links.


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