What Is The Role Of The Adrenal Glands In Menopause?

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Whenever a woman reaches that point in her life where in fact the hormones in her body are decreasing, it really is sure menopause symptoms will definitely follow. Although some women may not know what it really is, the adrenal glands play an essential role in this section of a woman’s life. These small glands shall play an ever-increasing part in her life, whether it’s known by her or not.

The Secrets

Are a number of the secrets of the tiny gland here. The adrenals glands are small glands that sit close to the the surface of the kidneys and secrete cortisol and epinephrine, which are known as stress hormones commonly. The cell receptors for both cortisol and epinephrine will fluctuate in your body depending on just how much stimulation they receive by the nervous system.

That is predicated on several factors, mostly increased stresses because of the long-term usage of substances such as for example caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, along with insufficient exercise and emotional distress. This may result in unhealthy adrenal function, which in turn causes immune dysfunction.

Side Effects

Unwanted effects could be felt in insomnia, moodiness, chronic infections and immune disorders even. As stress builds in your body and mind, the adrenal glands shall suffer. Healthy adrenal function in the physical body promotes restful sleep, and a feeling of wellbeing in the individual. They can impact the thyroid system also, that is a key component in regulating things such as for example hormones, brain activity, the circulation of blood, calcium balance, tissue maintenance, and temperature of your body even.

Lowered thyroid function is common during perimenopause somewhat, and will cause outward indications of menopause to become much worse if left unchecked. Once the adrenal thyroid and glands are both within an unhealthy condition, a disorder called “hypothyroidism” could possibly be the result.


Symptoms range from: fatigue, weight gain, depression, cold feet and hands, constipation, night sweats severe and frequent hot flashes or, mood swings, reduced libido, and sleep problems. Could it be any wonder a woman would like to keep both of these glands in good shape? The hormones are out of balance once, the physical body can react in very unpredictable ways. Are methods to avoid this problem there, and keep carefully the adrenal glands healthy? Needless to say there are, a few of which tend to be more physical in nature among others that can help keep your emotional balance in balance.


Figure out how to manage stress – it is a nagging problem with a lot of women, understanding how to “release” of emotions. Coping with stress often means obtaining a massage, day to relax and escape even though only for a couple of minutes taking periods during the. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods, and other things that could be bad for your system. It isn’t that hard to care for yourself physically, particularly when you understand that the results could be pretty severe once you don’t. Figure out how to care for your adrenal glands, and they’ll care for you!