What Is The Best Way To Heal And Prevent Cancer?

Fresh frozen broccoli on white plate, wooden table, healthy diet food, closeup

I’d love to share with you a few important practices I’ve discovered in my 3-year journey with cancer which can help heal or protect against cancer and other disorders. A is for Alkalize. Acidity in our body is a breeding ground for cancer and other disorders. What generates acidity are our foods and our’tudes: foods such as sugar, dairy, meat, refined grains, and alcohol, and’tudes such as anxiety, anger, anxiety, and guilt.

Keep in mind

That’s why changing our diet and our perspectives are important keys to recovery. Things that alkalize our body are practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, and dance, and foods such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, green tea, and lemon juice, which has an alkalizing effect within the body.

E is for Exericise. A recent study demonstrated that those who sit around a lot are more vulnerable to cancer. That makes sense when you understand that exercise oxygenates us, reduces anxiety (and therefore acidity), and triggers the immune system and the lymphatic system (which detoxifies our own bodies ). A bouncing movement will notably stimulate the lymphatic system (with a mini-trampoline, jump rope, exercise ball, or running, etc), as will whole-body vibration, like a dog shakes off water off his fur. I shake each morning to the Beatles song, “Shake it up baby now, twist and shout!” Rather than a milk shake, have a whole-body shake! Instead of a coffee break, have a shake break!

Immune system

I’m for Immune system improvement. All of us have cancer cells in our bodies, but what prevents them from multiplying is a powerful immune system. Stress suppresses our immune system, so I can not stress strongly enough the importance of reducing stress. Stagnation also suppresses the immune system; there’s a delicate balance between doing too much and not doing enough. Some of the things which improve the immune system are dance, laughter, hugs, and love, including doing what we love, doing our spirits work.

When we align with our soul, we not only boost our immune system, we increase our vibration into a state of grace place where life flows more readily. O is for Oxygenate. Cancer is anaerobic; it thrives in conditions of reduced oxygen. If we take ten deep diaphragmatic breaths, it doesn’t just oxygenates us, it activates the relaxation response, the lymphatic system, AND our immune system. Taking ten deep breaths is among the most effective healing tools we have, and it is completely free! I’ll breathe to that!

UV sunlight

The sun has gotten a bad rap lately, but the truth is it’s a powerful source of healing (when we use good sense and moderation). It boosts not only our moods but our immune system and endocrine system also. Since 90 percent of light enters the body through our eyes, it is important to spend some time out without eyeglasses, again with good sense and moderation.

Needless to say, do not look directly at the sun; simply being exposed to the light of day can help. Y is for Yuck! – as in yucky toxins. The toxins in our lives produce acidity and weaken our immune system. Therefore, it’s important to decrease the chemicals in our foods, water, household cleansers, and hygiene products. Also, reduce the toxic electromagnetic overload from computers, television, mobile phones, etc..


Negative thoughts and feelings can also be poisonous, as they increase inflammation and acidity, a hotbed for illness; clearing negative emotions is quite beneficial to our health. One of my favourite ways to release negative emotions is to create non-verbal sounds expressing the feeling. I enjoy growling when I’m angry! It usually ends in laughter, and it is a potent healing tonic in itself.