What Is The Best Self Defense Technique?

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Among the questions I am often asked is whether there is one best self defense method. Most of these are individuals who do not have the time, inclination or ability to take an elongated self defense training like a martial arts course. They’re searching for a couple of simple methods, at most, they could use if the need to shield themselves arises. The answer to this question is, “No.”

Good to know

There’s not a single super duper wooper whooper move you can learn that will solve all crisis situations. That does not mean that in the event you do not have a black belt, you’re automatically rendered helpless. While there’s absolutely no magic move that’s ideal for everybody in any circumstance, there’s something you can do to become an expert in some basic self defense tactics.

In a word, practice, practice, practice. Find a couple of self defense moves that you’re familiar with and can execute with confidence. Practice them over and over again until you create muscle memory. Muscle memory isn’t a memory stored in your muscles, but memories stored in your brain. They function as a cache of frequently repeated tasks to your muscles. It’s a sort of memory which could enable you to become really good at something through repetition.

For instance, if you choose kicking as your very best move then practice it again and again. Use a punching bag or some piece of furniture that could deal with that type of abuse. Practice low kicks which you can use against a shin bone, or even higher kicks that would cover the groin area or solar plexus. When you’re unable to spend time making physical kicks, then do them emotionally.

What to do?

See yourself making contact with an attacker using a tough, disabling kick. Would you prefer striking their nose? Then practice using the palm of your hands or your elbows. Don’t forget that throwing your mind against theirs can be extremely effective if you’re grabbed from behind. Much like all the kicking, find ways to practice until it becomes second nature to you. What if you can’t physically fight back? There are many men and women who have limiting physical conditions and can not kick or strike.

Final Note

The elderly, the frail and the disabled, one of them. If you fall into this class, it is best to carry a self defense weapon. Pepper spray is a wonderful choice since it is simple to use and powerful. But even with pepper spray that you would like to practice using it. In a crisis situation, several things occur concurrently. Your heart rate increases as your body is flooded with adrenaline. Blood rushes away from the extremities, resulting in a loss of fine motor skills. As your survival instinct kicks in, your cognitive process will close down and you’ll revert to whatever training you have. This is the reason it’s so important to choose a couple of techniques and practice, practice, practice!