What Is Really A Migraine?

Middle age woman suffering headache at home

What is a migraine? There are many types of headaches. However, the migraine headache is my favorite. Migraines can develop in many ways. Some migraine attacks can last for hours while others can last for days. Migraines with auras can include numbness in the extremities and flashing or undulating lights. These symptoms are pre-migraine symptoms.

Pain Factor

The pain phase begins after the pre-migraine episode is over. This phase can cause severe headache pain and may last several days. Although it is not uncommon to experience migraines without pre-migraine symptoms such as headaches, the headache will often be just as severe as the Migraine with Aura attack.

Researchers believe migraines are caused when a combination of factors occurs. Researchers believe that migraines are caused by a combination of events. The Temporal Artery, located just below the skin on the outside of your skull, can also become enlarged, causing inflammation and increasing migraine headache pain.

Sympathic Nervous System

The Sympathetic Nervous system will often be activated when a migraine attack occurs. The body’s response to stress is controlled by the Sympathic Nervous system, also known as the ” Fight or Flight” response.

The Sympathetic Nervous system is responsible for nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea once activated. An increase in Sympathetic Nervous system activity can cause blurred vision and nausea. This system can also slow down the digestion of food, making it less effective to absorb migraine medication.


Although the scientific community is still debating the causes and treatments of migraine headaches, medical science has made it clear that there is a cure. We should continue to search for information and new ideas, and be proactive in treating this painful condition.