What Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

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Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has for many years been the default choice for menopause symptom management. The emergence of conventional HRT was a breakthrough back the 1960s and lasted until just a few years back, when its shortcomings have already been revealed.


An enormous study tracking 161,808 postmenopausal women who have been taking conventional Hormone Therapies was cut short after only four years of its intended 15 year span- because researchers discovered that the therapies’ unwanted effects outweighed their expected benefits. Confusion ensued, both on the list of ongoing healthcare practitioners and patients. Suddenly, women longer knew where you can turn for menopause symptom management no. This became a significant reason behind concern not merely for an incredible number of women who have been already under conventional HRT, also for a great many other million women that are entering menopause because the Baby Boomer generation reaches middle age.

In technological and knowledge era nowadays, women don’t need to stay and suffer because they care about the standard of their life anymore. They execute a little research plus they educate themselves on additional options designed for their menopause related symptom management and approach their healthcare practitioners from the different position. One very exciting option- as controversial as it might be among healthcare professionals- is Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

They’re a huge selection of doctors in the usa who implemented BHRT within their practice for several years already plus they are helping thousands of patients get relief making use of their menopausal symptoms. And let’s remember that this has already been a standard medical practice for many years in Europe.

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How come BHRT compounding gaining such notoriety and this type of growing demand?

  • Because hormones within BHRT products have chemically identical molecular structures because the ones a woman’s body makes, therefore the physical body can distinguish no difference between its hormones and the ones found in BHRT. This further helps BHRT deliver results which are free of the medial side effects encountered with conventional HRT virtually.
  • Because each one of these hormone the different parts of BHRT products are FDA approved components. They’re synthesized within an FDA approved lab from plants such as for example wild soy or yams beans.
  • Because BHRT offers customized/individualized solutions for hormonal imbalances encountered by women around menopausal age mainly.
  • Finally, because women have to be offered alternative choices and become permitted to decide, making use of their healthcare practitioner together, what’s best because of their health and standard of living.

How does a female access bio identical hormone replacement therapy?

  • She’s to locate a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner who offers BHRT to the patients. That is still a challenging task for the patients because so many of the practitioners remain at night about BHRT. However the increasing demand from informed patients motivates a growing number of practitioners to understand about BHRT and implement it within their practice.
  • BHRT can be achieved only with a compounding pharmacy, that your practitioner ought to be employed in close collaboration with. Each woman going right through menopause shall have her unique mix of symptoms, therefore she’ll require a uniquely tailored hormone formulation to be prescribed by her healthcare practitioner and made by the compounding pharmacist. A compounding pharmacy has usage of superior, USP grade ingredients for these hormone formulations.
  • Women may encounter hormone changes resulting in uncomfortable symptoms due to the hormonal imbalance as soon as within their pre-teen ages to as late as age 70 and over. Basically, our hormones should act inside our body altogether harmony for all of us to feel great. Once the harmony is broken, imbalance occurs altering our well-being. The primary goal of BHRT would be to restore the hormonal balance to be able to restore the well-being.
  • At any reproductive age: irregular menses, heavy menstrual bleeding, PMS, migraines, acne, mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances, etc. may appear because of hormonal imbalances. An excellent practitioner can determine, following a thorough assessment, if this is actually the full case and offer the adequate help with BHRT.

What do menopausal symptoms make reference to?

  • Menopausal symptoms make reference to the different levels of discomfort women encounter because of hormonal imbalances around menopausal years.
  • Pre-menopause, the entire years before typical menopause symptoms occur.
  • Menopause is installed after twelve consecutive months without menses officially.
  • Post- menopause, all of the full years coming after menopause.

Is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy useful for other purposes besides helping restore hormonal balance?

  • Yes. Besides helping restore your body’s hormonal balance, bio identical hormone replacement therapy helps restore the physiological functioning it had years back. That is why BHRT reaches the core of anti-aging medicine.