What Causes Menopause?

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You may or may not know that but menopause happens once a female’s ovaries no longer have working eggs. When we are born, we get about one to three million eggs which are lost during our life. Once a woman gets her first period, she’s only left with about four thousand eggs. In this guide we will examine the reasons why menopause happens and when you will almost certainly go through it.

Did you know?

For many women going through menopause is just as exciting as the first time they obtained their menstrual periods. Whether you’re the woman who expects this”change” or the one in dread of it, the truth is that it’s likely to take place one day and it’s better that you understand as much as possible, so you really understand what is and what’s going to take place within your body. Trust me as a lady, I know firsthand how hard it is to adapt to the many changes our bodies go through, but it’s part of life and we must let nature run its program.

Please don’t assume that if you turn forty five you’re going to experience menopause since this isn’t the case. Although menopause normally occurs between the ages of twenty five and fifty, girls are known to go through it earlier and later than these ages. You might even go through menopause at the exact same age your mom did and if she were to ask her own mother, she’s very likely to get the identical reaction.


Menopause doesn’t occur overnight. It’s a process which has many steps and it builds up to the true menopause period after years of development. Unless you’ve been without a period for twelve consecutive months, then you’re still not experiencing menopause. It’s an excellent idea to continue using birth control should you not want to become pregnant during this time period. A good deal of women assume they are passed the birthing period and engage in unprotected sexual activity thus becoming pregnant. To their shock and amazement, they become moms (for many women, for the first time), when they supposed they were going through menopause and the coast was clear.

With treatment like hormone treatment, you can endure the affects of menopause experiencing little to no pain in any way. You can select to not have any help from hormone therapies and choose the more natural approach. However, I’d like for you to bear in mind that as we get older not only do we need to worry about menopause but also other conditions like osteoporosis.

Final note

Hormone therapy can help with the prevention or ultimate remedy for this condition. Menopause can cause the bones to weaken and you will find heart disease risks connected with it also. Providing you with this advice is just a quarter of this battle. You’ve got to be open and positive and do it now. Are you going through menopause and want to keep active, healthy, and feeling like yourself?