What Causes Cell Phone Headaches?

in bed with smartphone

Worldwide, cell phone headaches and other EMF health issues are a growing problem. Some people are unable to tolerate the effects of cell phones, even though this is rare. We’ll be discussing cell phone headaches and what you should do to prevent them from happening again. EMF toxicity is the cause of these headaches. One way to prevent them is to block EMF.


EMF blocking jewelry can help the body block EMF by absorbing its own EMF-blocking energy. It is all-natural and can be worn around your neck or carried in your pocket for work. These products are vital as headaches are on a rise. EMF-related headaches are on the rise in all ages. It is not difficult to find relief. Many people don’t realize that their cell phones are carrying EMF.

Many people plug their phones into their phones at night and keep them on their nightstands for an alarm or to answer the phone. EMF can be even worse when you use your cell phone in a vehicle. You may not be aware that you are putting your brain right next to an EMF source when you hold a cell phone to one’s ear.

Be Aware

Although it may seem like an easy solution, this is actually worse. An earpiece emits three times as much radiation directly into your skull via your ear. EMF travels through the earpiece, which acts as a conduit for it. The result is headaches and migraines. The effects of EMF on humans is being studied. Although cell phones are not the only source of dangerous EMF, research is ongoing to determine their impact on people.

Cell phones are the most commonly used and have the closest proximity to the body and brain almost every second of every working day. Cell phone headaches can be a serious problem. Many people feel them within 15 minutes to an entire hour of using their phones. It is even worse for children. One quick phone call can disrupt a child’s normal brain activity for more than an hour. Although people who don’t feel these symptoms may initially be critical of others, they will soon feel them.

Final Tip

They may use their phones less often, but regardless of the reason, we all are moving in the same direction. Research has shown that there are many products that can boost the body’s natural biofield and provide its own energy to block EMFs. What if you could have something that you could wear every day to protect yourself against EMFs?