What Are Therapy Remedies During Menopause?

Food rich in vitamin B6

I struggled with the question about using Hormone Replacement Therapy to alleviate the outward symptoms of my Menopause instead of using natural treatments. I have been constantly sick as a kid and appeared to be taking some form of medication always, so as a grown-up I have already been reluctant to take any kind of drugs always. My natural bent was toward natural treatments instead of HRT therefore.

Personal Choice

I wouldn’t try to sway someone some way, since it is believed by me is an extremely personal choice. However, what I’d say is that It is advisable to research both options thoroughly. I understand women who’ve used HRT with success and I’ve used natural treatments with great success. The main element I feel would be to make the decision you are preferred with.

I chosen the natural form and thought if it didn’t help I’d then contemplate using HRT. In my own younger years when I experienced PMS, I came across B6 vitamins and herbs worked well to quell my mood swings and depression really, therefore i thought my own body would respond well to the natural approach again.

Herbal Treatments

There are good stuff and not so excellent things about herbal treatments just as you can find good rather than so good reasons for having HRT. The nice and bad thing is they are much less quick acting as HRT and have a few weeks to find yourself in your system and offer relief. This could be good as your system gets a gentle type of assistance rather than fast kick. The bad thing is you do not get quick relief.

I preferred the slower option when i felt at that time that my own body was on a roller coaster and I didn’t desire to enhance the dramatic swings. The slower better feelings suited me perfectly.


My pal who used HRT loved the moment relief but came down with an excellent thud when her body consumed the hormones that the HRT placed into her body. My Naturopath explained that using natural herbs to balance the hormone levels allowed the natural procedure for declining hormones to occur whereas, HRT kept a female up in unrealistic levels and finally she would need to stop taking it and drop to earth with a thud or need to keep taking it for the others of her life.

I recall a health care provider saying if you ask me that it had been OK to help keep taking the contraceptive pill without having to be worried about ever having an interval. I thought that it had been easier to let my own body do what it had been made to achieve this opted first for another doctor and to allow my own body to get a period just how it was likely to do.


I approached Menopause exactly the same way and will say that once I came across what herbs worked best for me personally, my journey through Menopause wasn’t too bad and I’m doing great now. I’ve lost touch with my pal who was simply taking the HRT therefore i can’t let you know if she actually is still deploying it but I’ve heard she actually is successful. Whichever you select make it your decision and do not be unduly influenced by your physician, anyone or friends else. Menopause is indeed personal I really believe you can find no wrongs and rights, what realy works best for you personally just.