What are the Keys for Self Protection?

A front view of young woman practising karate outdoors on terrace.

By the time you finish reading this first paragraph, someone, perhaps someone you know will be faced with a potentially harmful situation or something much worse. Let’s face it folks – crime is real and it doesn’t care who you are, where you live, or how much cash you have. It’s not a matter of whether, now a days, it is a matter of when. The question is, will you be prepared.

Don’t become a victim

Keep reading to discover how you can keep yourself from becoming another victim. There are lots of shows out there about offenses, rapist, and other criminals doing what they do and at the end of the episode, the bad guy is caught, justice is served, and we watch something else. They get into the reason of every bad guy and how they locate their victims. Some look for the men and women who appear weak or oblivious, and some are just out for the thrill of the hunt!

Whatever the case might be, there’s the question one has to ask. Is life imitating art, or is it the other way around! If this makes you feel somewhat uncomfortable, then you’re not alone! Most if not all poeple who experience a traumatic experience are forever changed!!  They are often left asking themselves why were they selected to be assaulted! While is it tough to answer that question, the best thing to do is be prepared – just in case!

Feel more empowered

Now I know it’s tough to imagine this sort of thing happening to you- if it is somebody that makes you feel uneasy, to groping to complete out home invasions or sexual assault, the effects are usually permanent. The end result is YOU living in constant fear of people and situations and that’s truly no way to live! What if you had something to even the playing field? Something that helped you feel more empowered and built your confidence from the inside out like self defense weapons?

One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence! Unfortunately, for all the crimes which produce the news, there are more that don’t get reported! The numbers of women who were abused by people they knew (husband, relatives, etc) is even more shocking! Now do not get me wrong here, guys aren’t from the equation. For every 33 guys you see in the streets, there’s one among them that were raped.

How to protect yourself?

Learning how to protect yourself and your family members ought to be a priority! Do You Know Of Your Environment? Ensure that you are always scanning and getting familiar with your surroundings and understand how to navigate your way around your work environment! Most know how to get to and from the front door back into the car, but in addition, you need to think about alternate routes in your work space in case you were faced there rather than at home or in the streets.

I’d even go so far as to acquire a map of this work space and walk to all of the fire escapes so I know where I could go if something went down. This goes for shopping malls and other public areas. Learn where the safety is headquartered and understand how to get there if you’re being followed.

Know What To Do!

Having a POA (Plan of Action) is the first step to self defense! Having something which you may use, can make your odds of survival even larger! I do encourage having at least a little self defense weapon to help keep you from being attacked and in addition, it can help you avoid feeling vulnerable! You might be asking, what’s the best weapon to get? The ideal answer is whatever decision you make, whether it’s pepper spray, stun guns, or a telescopic baton, – the main point is you should understand how to use it! If you’ve got these weapons, it is a fantastic idea to practice using them.

Find someone to practice together or use a pillow just so that you know the features of your weapon of choice. It’s also a wonderful idea to understand how you use your body as a weapon also, by taking a self defense program. Well that is about it for now, next time, I will be covering particular weapons that will assist you create a better decision when it comes to your personal protection and security!


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