What Are The Causes Of Ovarian Cysts?

Asian woman front stomach painful sign of Ovarian Endometriosis and Chocolate Cyst syndrome.

In a normal cycle, every month an egg is produced and released by the ovaries. When the follicle, the sac where the egg is comprised, matures, in response to the surge of lutenizing (LH) the follicle releases an egg. The follicle then changes into the yellowish body called corpus luteum, which produces and in copious quantities in preparation for pregnancy.

Did you know?

When pregnancy doesn’t occur, the corpus luteum is supposed to disintegrate and vanish. However, at times the follicle doesn’t release an egg and occasionally the corpus luteum doesn’t disintegrate by itself. In either instance, the opening of the follicle or the corpus luteum seals off, enlarges and has filled with fluid and sometimes blood. This fluid filled sac is what’s called an .

The causes of ovarian cysts happen to be immobilized on hormonal imbalance. As an example, in the sort of functional called follicular cyst, it takes place when the LH surge doesn’t take place. Another sort of functional cyst, called a corpus luteum cyst, happens when for some reason pregnancy doesn’t occur and the corpus luteum doesn’t disintegrate. There are times however when pregnancy does occur and a corpus luteum cyst nevertheless creates.

drugs, particularly clomiphene citrate is reportedly a element that could precipitate the causes of ovarian cysts particularly in the case of the corpus luteum cyst. Other kinds of ovarian cysts are dermoid ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian cysts, cystadenoma and chocolate cyst. Hormonal imbalance has also been attributed to be the cause of these cysts, particularly estrogen and progesterone imbalance.


What causes these hormonal imbalance, which then would be the causes of ovarian cysts? Poor , poor habits and stressful lifestyle among other things are leading causes. A diet which contains too much sugar and a lot of processed isn’t great for the body because they contain complex sugars that aren’t easy for the body to break down. It wreaks havoc with the hormonal balance. Insulin stimulates receptors on the outer portion of the ovaries and androgen hinders release of eggs from the ovaries.

The truth is androgens are responsible for some symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome () like and increased . Poor diet also includes not eating the right types of food which will supply the body with essential . Poor habits such as wearing high heels too frequently can also play a factor as they inhibit the flow in the lower abdomen. Lack of is just another one of those causes of ovarian cysts. High levels produce high production of from the . This is the start of a domino effect. When cortisol levels increase this contributes to a rise in blood glucose which then causes insulin production to also increase. Increased insulin in your system may result in and androgen production which worsens the symptoms of PCOS. These are some of the causes of ovarian cysts.


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