What Are The Benefits Of Laughter Therapy?

Happy friends holding each other

Whenever I talk to people on the curative nature of humour I motivate them to become laughologists and in so doing commit themselves to a process I call mining the moment. When you mine the minute that you analyze each human experience for the humour that it comprises and laugh heartily when it’s discovered.

Did you know?

Most of us experience funny things happening to us, or people around us, every day. When we do, we might chuckle and keep doing what we were doing. Mining the moment asks us to remain with the chuckle and buff its embers into real laughter. Then drain every last drop of laughter and humour from the experience. Why is it so important to search for humour in what we encounter?

Because laughter and humour are far more than mere entertainment, they’re extremely great for our wellbeing and well-being. When we laugh amazing things happen. The oxygen in our blood raises giving us renewed energy. Our stress levels go down and we start to relax. Did you know it is not possible to worry when we laugh?

The immune system

It is stimulated by laughter and endorphins are released inside the body giving us a strong sense of well-being. Laughter reduces our blood pressure. In social relationships bliss has concrete and specific advantages. It’s been known as social glue because it bonds us to one another. In any family or business bonding is very important to the successful performance of the group. The team that laughs together, lasts collectively.

Laughter is also called social lubricant because, as the oil in a car engine reduces immunity thus allowing the car to run efficiently and smoothly, so does laughter decrease inevitable friction in social relationships. People who laugh together are generally happier, more effective, more flexible and receptive to change.


The value of humor in the workplace is a fantastic example. It reduces stress among workers, significantly reduces absenteeism, and boosts morale, productivity and increases job satisfaction. I recall talking to a blue collar worker in a large Toronto company before I was to speak on Humour in the Workplace. I asked him if he enjoyed his job. His reply surprised me.


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