What Are Common Perimenopause Symptoms?

Products rich in calcium

Although skin changes are among the signs of perimenopause, we don’t see much material about acne. We see dry skin as a prevalent perimenopause symptom usually. But sometimes, unusual acne alerts the girl a female hormone imbalance is occurring. In this stage, we simply take note of 2 hormones usually, progesterone and estrogen. And we usually hear talks of estrogen dominance and what it can to a woman’s hormone balance – how exactly it affects the production of progesterone and all that.


What we don’t hear though, is a 3rd hormone can be affected: the androgens. These androgens directly affect oil in your skin (called sebum) and the shedding of dead skin cells. Sometimes, when estrogen levels drop, the androgens dominate. It produces sebum a lot more than usual and obstructs the shedding of dead skin. For this reason, the sebum gets trapped in the dead skin and can’t escape; resulting in this thing we call acne therefore.

It’s frustrating to feel terrible because of other perimenopause symptoms as an irregular menstrual period, mood swings and hot flashes to mention several. It becomes a little exasperating once you look into the mirror and see an inflamed, or even a pimple-ridden face.

What Now?

at the right time such as this? Remember everything you tried to accomplish in senior high school once you had a pimple – you always make an effort to wash it away with soap and water, convinced that it could magically disappear. When it didn’t work, you’d wear anything to help keep the eye off that person – a hat, nice clothes, or a band-aid even. You then would scour the neighborhood drugstore to get something to get rid of the “scourge” overnight.

It is possible to relive your teenage years and take action like this. Or, it is possible to change your daily diet simply. Have significantly more fiber and calcium in your meal. It is possible to take supplements, nonetheless it will be more beneficial for those who have real food enriched with it.


Calcium prevents bone relative density loss, while fiber can be an antioxidant – both are helpful in eliminating bad substances from your own body. A higher carbohydrate diet and something with a whole large amount of fat intake can be detrimental to that person, as a few of these can transform into androgens and may worsen your acne woes. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and bacteria. Help out your skin layer by regularly exfoliating. Simple soap and water must do the trick nevertheless, you can also look for a toning product if you would like.

Don’t scrub too much, else it could produce facial scars because of the abrasions incurred. Twice each day exfoliate at the very least, enough to eliminate a few of the excess sebum just. An acne-free perimenopausal can make an excellent mood for you personally also. In the event that you feel like hell even, at least you’ve got a clear, smooth face that other women would kill for.