What Age Do Women Begin With Menopause?

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The average age that girls undergo Menopause is roughly 51, meaning that for many women it occurs before this moment. There are numerous reasons why the era differs from woman to woman. Hereditary and medical reasons are two.

Hormonal Factor

Because your hormones play a huge role in protecting your bones, the later you begin Menopause the greater, but saying that all women who haven’t begun Menopause when they reach age 55, should go to their General Practitioner and have a checkup, if there’s a medical reason for your delay, like Fibroids. The age your mom had her Menopause, can be a great guide, but that doesn’t mean that your experience will be exactly the same as hers. If she had a tricky time, there’s absolutely not any reason why your experience should be the same.

Women who smoke tend to have an earlier menopause, by about two years typically, because smoking reduces the secretion of estrogen in the uterus. A hysterectomy, even without the removal of the uterus, can accelerate the onset of Menopause, by about five decades. It’s believed this happens due to the change in the supply of blood to the ovaries after operation. Sterilization, where the Fallopian tubes are cut as a contraceptive measure, can bring on an earlier Menopause for the identical reason. Women that are overweight may have a later Menopause due to the additional oestrogen made from the fat cells.

Good to know

Women who have fibroids (benign growths in the uterus) may experience a later menopause because they generate high levels of oestrogen. Although fibroids can be removed surgically, this isn’t always necessary since they often shrink at Menopause when oestrogen levels fall. Unfortunately women sometimes find themselves at a Catch-22 situation, where the oestrogen surplus that permits the fibroids to grow delays the drop in hormone levels required to make them shrink.

How can your Periods Stop? The way that your periods stop is as diverse as the timing of Menopause. They may stop suddenly; although your bicycle has been perfectly routine, 1 month your period doesn’t appear and you never have another one. Sometimes periods are regular but bleeding becomes shorter and shorter until it ceases. Other women experience irregular bleeding and frequently periods become heavier but with gaps of several months in between. Menopause doesn’t always happen as it should. Surgical intervention, and remarkably small source of eggs and even stress may result in a sudden rather than a slow Menopause.

Ovaries Removal

Surgical Menopause occurs Due to the elimination of the Ovaries. Ovaries can be removed since they’re diseased, but healthful ovaries are often removed as a matter of routine during a hysterectomy. If the ovaries are removed before Menopause then the result can be extremely traumatic for you and your entire body, since it subsequently arrives literally overnight. Whenever the ovaries are removed, the female hormone source from the ovaries is cut away.


Hormone Replacement Therapy is usually prescribed to prevent the start of Menopausal symptoms. When you consider natures way – it slowly lowers the amount of oestrogen produced over a span of 15-20 years. With surgical intervention that this is cut off through the night. It can be devastating for a young woman whose periods have ceased to discover that she has reached menopause. Not only does this make having a baby impossible without using donor eggs, but in addition, it means she has to deal with problems like hot flushes vaginal dryness and, even more dangerous for young girls, osteoporosis. Hormone Replacement therapy would typically be given to help prevent this condition.