What About Female Bosses?

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I recently made a search in Google for the keywords “female directors”, and to my astonishment, the search results returned a page full of names emancipating negative vibe for female supervisors and their leadership style, by way of instance, “do we despise female bosses?”, “Employees favor male bosses to feminine”, or even worse “female directors are a nightmare” and a lot more.


I was taken aback from the mindset that the Internet, the entire world people, is illuminating. What are the reasons that such names are proliferating and earning spaces over the displays? Is it just the stereotypical preconceived notion that’s portraying female bosses in undeserved and somewhat demeaning style or is there a real loophole in women’s leadership style? What is it really which is bringing the stigma to female bosses in C-suite?

Today’s workplaces hold an adequate mixture of nearly equal number of female and male employees in mid-level. That also implies that lots of women workers are also leading to polls and them contemplating male leaders superior compared to female leaders may indicate that there’s something more than only a preconceived notion.


Another survey conducted to rank the leaders on some leadership qualities such as communications, organizational, and listening abilities shows that women bosses score greater than their male counterparts. Then what went wrong as it pertains in gaining popularity? When workers speed female supervisors higher in terms of quality then what could be why they prefer to not own them as their own boss? Is there anything that we can do to alter the mindset or rather is there anything that we can improve upon our direction?

What are those additional qualities of male leaders which make them that we can learn from? The lookup results made me curious to discover more about what women bosses do differently, maybe wrong, that their spouses or colleagues aren’t feeling connected with. I delved inside the Internet, and asked a number of my friends and colleagues about their experiences at working with a female supervisor.

Plurality of them expressed their desire to work with their past girls boss, however, millions of participants, both female and male workers, spewed varieties of condemnations also. They lack confidence: It’s emphasized that female managers not only show lack of assurance for themselves but for their subordinates, particularly for women workers, at work. They micromanage: In majority of cases, micromanagement portrays a picture of supervisor distrusting its own employees. It makes the workers suffocated and leaves them cast doubt on their own merit.

What to do?

Don’t go beyond your frontier rather than ever regret about it. You will need to obtain a middle ground between the worker’s concerns and business’s capabilities. After a limit, you may have to spend time in frank conversation with your workers to remind them that their concerns are well addressed and considered and that they must reciprocate with their job, productivity, and inventions. Everyone needs a mentor in their life to learn the tactics of a specific stadium, but after a certain period you need to be self explanatory and independent. Keep a self-check that you’re not falling into a routine of always seeking mentorship. Trust your intuitions, have confidence and learn from experiences. Be a catalyst in changing the mindset of people towards women leaders and their leadership style. Days aren’t far when search results will reverberate favorable headlines. We’re already good, let us try to be better!

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