Why Are Headaches So Common?

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Headache is the most common problem that disrupts our daily lives. It will make it impossible to work at work or at home. This pain is usually felt in the forehead, around your eyes, or the upper part of your neck. There are three main types of headaches. The first is tension headache, followed by migraine and then cluster headache.


Primary headaches are also known as cluster headaches. Tension headaches are very common today due to the high level of competition in almost all fields. This causes a lot more stress, which can lead to headaches. These headaches can be caused by stress, anxiety, work pressure, and stressful situations. These headaches disappear when these conditions change.

According to a WHO study, about one-eighth suffer from migraine headaches. According to this study, migraine affects children as well. Migraine affects more women than it does men. Genetic factors can also cause migraine. There are also chances that migraine can affect children if the parents have had this problem in the past. Consanguineous marriages can also cause migraine, according to research.

Keep in Mind

Migraine should not go untreated as it can cause serious health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other heart conditions. You should consult your doctor to get the right treatment. Men are more likely to suffer from cluster headaches or primary headaches. This type of headache can cause a drop in performance in men. They will lose their ability to focus on what they are doing.

These headaches can be accompanied with nausea, sleep problems, and loss of appetite. Primary headaches can also be caused by excessive acidity. Acidity problems can develop if a person skips meals, or starves. This can lead to headaches. These headaches can be treated by eating healthy, timely meals.


You will be able to relieve the primary headaches caused by acidity by eating healthy food and drinking enough water. Other causes of headaches include exercise overdoing, changes in weather conditions, odors and constipation, as well as other factors such as stress. These headaches will disappear if you address the root causes. If your headache persists, consult a doctor.