Vad är symtom före klimakteriet?

Ginseng tea and Dry Ginseng Roots

Some warning signs of menopause are fatigue and headaches, loss of tolerance, hot flashes, excessive bleeding over the normal interval, or next to nothing for many days. You may encounter some inconsistent days on your own, you occasionally becomes very emotional, you’re either crying, or readily snap at anyone, you’re just not balance.

Hormonal Changes

The physical changes in the body has to do with a reduction in sexual desire, skin dryness, vaginal dryness, excessive perspiration, changes in your body temperature, craving for sweets, beginning of high blood pressure and some nausea. Your sleep might get affected from being too hot or just plain unable to fall asleep.

Take care not to complain about being hot around others because they could easily diagnose whats happening with you. If you’re married there are days you’d rather being lonely, your desire for companionship only flap, but thank goodness when you’ve got an understanding husband to support you in this moment.

High Blood Pressure

All these symptoms are manageable once you understand their origin, of these symptoms mentioned, the most deadly of them all is that the start of high blood pressure, you just don’t want to have fun with this, if neglected it may cause a stroke before you know it. Talking to your mother could answer a few of your questions also, and it is fairly probable that if she went through menopause at an early period in her life or in a later stage the exact same may be for you after a generic pattern.

Some women use hormone therapy for a measure to handle their imbalance. Most doctors will recommend the treatment but everything depends upon the individual girl who wishes to take it, it isn’t a must.


Adequate rest and a calm mood is among the best therapy. If a woman lives in a gloomy unpleasant surroundings during that time, it is going to bring about her distress and hardship. Some fantastic simple everyday remedies to take are, Vitamins E and calcium supplement, eating soy products, and Korean ginseng tea a fantastic herb tea, acupuncture and non-alcohol beverages.

Avoid arguments that could escalate, avoid sorry for yourself, bear in mind that feelings and moods are affected by hormone fluctuations, when you understand this you can work in your emotions how you handle things.


There’s barely any possible way an individual may become knowledgeable about the stages of menopause until it really happen. The support system supplied is to educate and help to get rid of fears from what’s natural. Since time and women among the most common remedies for hot flashes is the frequent usage of a fan; although the actors wouldn’t dress and leave home with no enthusiast, it may seem to be fashion but if you look carefully at the actresses who carried a fan you’d notice they dropped among the girls who would fall in their 40s up. Among the many common symptoms of menopause there is, every girl have handle them. You will outlive all the inconveniences of menopause and will have defeated both menstrual and the menstrual cycles in the long run.