Hur behandlar man migrän under graviditeten?

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Pregnancy could be a wonderful period for migraine sufferers as much women notice their migraines considerably diminish throughout their second and 3rd trimesters. Unfortunately, around 15% of women also see a rise in migraines in the initial trimester. This increase arrives primarily to rapidly escalating degrees of estrogen along with other metabolic changes in the body.


If you are usually planning a pregnancy, ensure that your doctor knows right apart. Why is this? Most medicines are simply just not safe to take in the event that you may be pregnant – specifically those for the treating migraines like triptans (prescription drugs that may stop migraine attacks.) In case you are currently taking prescription drugs for the treating migraines and be pregnant – your baby could possibly be at risk.

Before you intend on looking to get pregnant, it is vital to get a sit-down discussion together with your doctor to find out which if the drugs and health supplements you take aren’t safe for your baby. Which is a choice, over-the-counter discomfort medications have a better background with tension headaches and entire body aches.

Trigger Avoidance

No matter what, make sure to limit make use of and follow all tips about the merchandise label. The very best course of action is usually to be very diligent with regards to trigger avoidance, as that is your best possibility at staying away from a migraine. This implies you will need to be additional strict about managing tension, eating regular healthy foods (without triggers,) and maintaining a normal sleep schedule.

Go on and use organic tea such as ginger for the nausea but be sure you unquestionably avoid feverfew as it isn’t secure for pregnant or breastfeeding females. Also, as these remedies are considered safe for women that are pregnant. Any women who’s pregnant should know that medications available are split into a “pregnancy risk” class which range from A, ) only drugs in class A have been shown to be safe.

Medicines in classes B and C present uncertainty either towards the optimistic or negative, and types D an X show optimistic evidence of fetal risk. These details is updated on a regular basis. Make sure to research any medicines you are using or considering using for the most recent information.

Sista tipset

Ladies who experience severe early morning sickness could also experience more migraines because of dehydration. Your doctor might be able to compose you a doctor prescribed for intravenous fluids, which may be administered for you personally if needed.