How To Distinguish Migraines?

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Sometimes, migraines can be difficult to diagnose as they are often confused with other types. Let’s look at five types headaches that aren’t considered migraines, but can sometimes be confused with them. Caffeine withdrawal headache: Caffeine can be a drug. Your body will react if you stop taking it. Caffeine withdrawal headache: When caffeine is stopped, the body reacts with a headache. Some symptoms mimic migraine symptoms, such as throbbing pains, nausea, vomiting, and depression.


Three medically recognized conditions can cause a caffeine withdrawal headache.

  • At least 15 grams of caffeine is consumed each month. That’s about four cups of coffee per person.
  • Within 24 hours of last consuming caffeine, the headache begins.
  • Within one hour of having a cup of coffee, the headache will disappear.

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If you are trying to quit caffeine, don’t stop slowly. Instead, gradually wean yourself off of caffeine. Overuse of medications can cause rebound headaches. This is a vicious cycle. The medication shrinks blood vessels, which stops the pain. The medicine wears off and the headache comes back.

You may need to take more medication. You may be exceeding the recommended dosage before you know it. This is what causes migraine confusion. What dose of medication can trigger a rebound headache. Two is the most common recommendation from medical professionals. Do not take a medication more often than two times per week. This is true for some people, but not all.

This rule of thumb can lead to unnecessary suffering if you adhere too rigidly to it. It is best to stick to the prescribed dosage. A doctor can tell you if it is safe to take a drug more often than once a week without experiencing a rebound headache. You may be using too many over-the-counter medications before you feel pain. Prescription painkillers are also affected. However, if you have a prescription for painkillers, you could develop a more serious problem. You may get a rebound headache or even an addiction. Be careful and consult a doctor.

Cluster Headaches

Although they are rare, they can be extremely painful and debilitating. Cluster headaches are named because they can occur in groups. Cluster headaches are more common in men than they are in women. This is due to a 10:1 ratio. This is why this type of headache is so rare. A person can go months without experiencing a headache, and then suddenly feel hammered for weeks or more. They will then disappear for months, or even years. Many people mistakenly believe they are suffering from a migraine attack because of the severity of their pain.

Thunderclap Headache

This could be a sign that you have suffered a stroke or other serious condition. This headache is like a blow to the head. They can happen suddenly and quickly. If you have a headache like this, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Orgasm Headache

This can be a very inopportune headache. Just as you reach orgasm, a severe headache suddenly appears. It is four times more common in men than it is in women. Although the causes are not fully understood, they are not thought to pose a health risk.