Do Heartburn Home Remedies Work?

a glass of ginger beer with root and orange

These are some heartburn home remedies that can ease the pain. What you eat is the first remedy for heartburn. This condition is most often caused by poor diet. Make sure you are careful about what you eat. Certain foods can make it worse. Avoid eating fruits with high levels of acid. The problem can also be exacerbated by spicy foods.

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  • Reduce your intake of meat. Your stomach will produce more acid to digest meat. Stick to lean meats like turkey and chicken, and ensure that you properly chew your food.
  • Avoid foods high in sugar and fat. Coffee and chocolate are also culprits. It is difficult, but I suggest that you cut back on coffee and chocolate.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables, especially dark-green leafy varieties. These vegetables are alkaline, which is great for your body, as it will be in an acidic condition.
  • Next, make sure your clothing isn’t too restrictive. Tight trousers or skirts can put pressure on the stomach, which causes acid to rise. Because of the pressure the baby puts on the stomach, many pregnant women experience acid problems. So loosen up your clothes.
  • Drinking more water will help to dilute the acid in your stomach. This is a simple, but effective approach.
  • Avoid eating large meals. The more acid your stomach produces to break down the food, the better. It is better to eat smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Eat no more than 3 hours before going to bed. This is the normal time it takes for your body’s food to digest. Acid will be produced if you eat before you go to bed. This means that acid will travel up your body when you lay down to sleep. This is what will wake you up in the middle the night.
  • A great heartburn home remedy is ginger. It has been shown to provide acid relief. You can add more ginger tea to your food or stop adding it altogether. This will make a big difference in your life. Drink 4-5 cups per day. Ginger beer is also available.
  • Your lifestyle is often what causes heartburn. It is important to eat healthy foods and exercise.