Utlöser vissa livsmedel migrän?

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Many people who have problems with migraine attacks question if their diet could possibly be contributing to their headaches, discomfort, and nausea. The hyperlink between foods and migraines is really a deeply divided issue. Lots of people strongly believe that it isn’t possible for food to lead to migraines and therefore, make no effort to improve their diets.

Not The Same

The true truth of the problem is that many folks are suffering from the migraine triggering chemicals using foods – but it is definitely important to understand that as migraine triggers change from person to person, don’t assume all food or chemical substance with affect everyone.


It is situated in many popular drinks including espresso, tea, soda, and energy beverages. Caffeine is also within foods containing chocolate. Lots of people do not tolerate caffeine properly and can develop headaches soon after consumption.


It can be an amino acid within aged cheeses, prepared/preserved meats, burgandy or merlot wine, nuts, specific fruits, nuts, peas, and coffee beans. Tyramine is considered to trigger migraines because of the fact that when absorbed by the body tyramine may closely mimic neurotransmitters want serotonin and norepinephrine – two chemical substance considered to affect migraines.


It can be an alkaloid found mainly in chocolate. Theobromine is really a vasodilator (causes arteries to relax and widen) recognized to stimulate circulation. Migraines are usually suffering from blood vessel circulation although some people might not notice any undesireable effects from eating chocolate.


It is really a neurotransmitter occurring naturally in the body. Like Theobromine, Phenylethylamine is available mainly in cocoa, and in natural supplements for dealing with depression and pounds gain. Sodium nitrite can be used to avoid the growth of bacterias in fresh meats. Therefore it is a common treatment for most preserved or processed meats which includes sausages, in huge doses sodium nitrite will be toxic but even in small amounts some sensitive individuals may be bothered by headaches because of increased blood stream to the mind. Many people have find out about the dangers of eating MSG. MSG is generally added to processed foods to boost flavor and increase emotions of satisfaction. And neuron pleasure is thought to actually cause migraine episodes.