Did You Know This About Violence?

Young woman is sitting hunched at a table at home, the focus is on a man's fist in the foregound of the image

Women, children and the elderly are the most frequent victim prospects for attackers but everyone of every age is vulnerable. That’s the bad news but there’s loads of good news too! It’s as straightforward as that.

Let’s see…

If you’re like me, you heard what to shout if you were at risk, right? This was great in concept but much too ineffective for fact. When crying is heard, it’s supposed to be either playing too dangerous a situation to become involved in. Most men and women want to avoid “assisting” for fear of getting hurt.

When crying is heard, it seems like something is going to happen but has not yet. It’s strong and gets a very different kind of attention than crying does. Most individuals are interested in helping to reduce something. These are the very best things to yell. We will not go over the others we’ve heard all our lives because there’s absolutely not any reason to fill our heads further with matters that don’t work.

You’re now capable of scaring off many attackers until they approach, during an approach and in the next phase of assault – physical contact. One weapon. As women, we’re more inclined to seek out safety information than guys so it’s great when we can talk about it with family members and coworkers of both genders and all ages.