Can Hemorrhoids Be Treated With Simple Methods?

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Hemorrhoids shouldn’t be considered a serious condition. Hemorrhoids should not be considered a serious condition. If you have hemorhoids, don’t rush to surgery. There are many ways to ease the discomfort and pain. Hemorrhoids can be caused by swelling of the blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum or at the anus, which can result from infection and inflammation. This is usually caused by straining to void.


External hemorhoids and internal hemorhoids are both possible. Internal hemorhoids that do not bleed cause no pain. Due to their size, the external hemorhoids and prolapsed types need to be removed. However, you can try the simple ways below. For hemorhoids treatment, soak the buttocks or anal area in warm water for at least three times per day for approximately 20 minutes each.

You can also place the water in a basin, and then sit down. This is a quick and effective way to get the water flowing. Salts can be added to the bath. You can add Epsom salt, natural herbs salts, and baking soda to your bath.

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Avoid perfumed soaps and oils as they can cause irritations and more pain. You should also increase the fiber content of your diet immediately after you have completed the physical treatment. You can get fiber from fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, such as rice and oats, also contain fibers. These fibers, when consumed, will give watery bulk to your digestive tract and allow you to produce softer stool.

This will ensure that there is no constipation or straining when it comes to defecation. Vitamin C, prunes, and linseeds can also be taken as they have mild laxative properties. Focusing on fibers will allow for good bowel movements. Food waste will be retained in the intestinal tract for a brief time, eliminating infection and putrefaction. To treat hemorhoids, you can also use a suppository that contains a steroidal antiinflammatory agent, an anesthetic, and an astringent.

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Astringents include aloe vera, cranesbills, and witch hazel. They will constrict blood vessels to the hemorhoids area, shrinking them along the route. Anesthetics such as lignocaine or lidocaine will target nerve endings, resulting in numbness and eliminating pain. The steroid will prevent itching and heal the inflamed and broken skin around the anus.

Long-term, take a 1000 mg Omega 3 capsule. This anti-inflammatory agent can also help to improve blood circulation. This is achieved by preventing blood platelets from clumping. Vitamin C 1000mg tablets can also be added. This supplement will strengthen blood vessels and protect the body cells from damage caused by free radicals. Over time, free radicals can cause diseases and aging.


Home remedies are better than surgery for hemorhoids because there is no side effect. There are many complications after surgery to treat hemorhoids, such as prolonged bleeding and adverse effects from drugs. These home remedies are safe, effective, and inexpensive.