Kan elektronisk akupunktur behandla huvudvärk?

head treatment

You know that migraines and headaches can cause severe pain and disrupt your quality of living. While you can use prescription painkillers or over-the-counter remedies to relieve your headaches, side effects may be a problem. You can find relief from headaches with an alternative treatment, such as electronic acupuncture. There are many reasons migraines can occur.


Along with anxiety and tension, stress is the most common cause. Headaches can be caused by eye strain or prolonged staring at a screen (such as a computer monitor) for too long. A headache can also be caused by an infection, weather changes, too little sleep, or too much. Head injury and muscle contractures around the neck can also cause headaches.

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese health treatment, dates back thousands of years. Traditional acupuncture uses thin metal pins that are inserted into specific points in the body to treat a variety of conditions. Your body may have multiple meridians. These meridians carry your life energy, qi. If you suffer from a headache or other health problem, one or more of these pathways can become blocked, which can lead to a decrease in your qi.

Acupuncture Points

By inserting the pins, you can stimulate your acupuncture points and allow your life energy to flow again. There are many causes of headaches. You may need to treat them with different acupoints. What if needles are a bit confusing to you? Electronic acupuncture is the solution. Electronic acupuncture uses magnetic waves therapy instead of needles. An electronic device can emit electromagnetic waves that can trigger your acupuncture points.

The electronic acupuncture device can be used to self-administer treatment. It is easy to access and works on the acupoints in your hands. There are many trigger points on your hands that correspond to different areas of your body. This is important because headaches can be caused by problems with other parts of the body. It is like a domino effect, as electronic acupuncture triggers those acupoints. If you have a sinus infection, for example, it would be possible to stimulate the trigger points in the hands for the sinuses, and possibly the eyes and ears.


The electromagnetic therapy causes the meridian blocks for these areas to open up, allowing your life energy and thereby your headache to be relieved. Electronic acupuncture is an alternative to traditional Western medicine. It is safer than prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that can have side effects. Magnetic wave therapy gives you complete control over your headaches, and is not a man-made unnatural drug.