Are There Safe Home Remedies For Psoriasis?

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There are no cures for psoriasis. However, there are many things you can do to reduce the symptoms. Many of these can be done at-home and require simple behavior changes. While home remedies may not work for everyone, they have all helped those with psoriasis. To reduce the severity of psoriasis, take a hot whirlpool tub. These lesions are usually less scaly and more flat, but you may still experience itching.

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  • Hydrocortisone cream may be used either alone or in combination with plastic wrap to cover the lesions for several weeks or days. This seals the lesions and reduces their appearance to almost normal. Although hydrocortisone cream can be quite temporary, it can be very effective when applied to the skin or genitals with an occlusive dressing. Ice can be used to relieve the itching and pain associated with psoriasis. Place some ice cubes into a bag and place it on the lesions. To ease itching, you can also run a cold water bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar in it. This can be uncomfortable.
  • You should limit the size of lesions that you occlude with occlusive dressings to those approximately half-dollar-sized. If too much sweat is added to the occlusive dressing, the skin can become macerated and infected. You can cover the lesions with your own makeup. Mix Indian earth and an oil-based liquid or petroleum jelly to make your own makeup. To cover the lesions, you can use the mixture as a sponge. It’s very effective and doesn’t irritate psoriaticles. Talk to a cosmetologist if you are unable to find Indian earth. They can recommend a makeup with a lot of pigment. It will not irritate your skin as much. Use a cream or oil-based foundation that does not contain alcohol.
  • Use lubricants sparingly. This includes Eucerin cream, other moisturizing crèmes, petroleum jelly, vegetable shortening, and ointments. Itching can also be soothed by creams and lotions that contain camphor or menthol.
  • Reduce gluten intake. Gluten is a common ingredient in wheat-based foods such as breads. Many psoriasis sufferers have noticed a reduction in their symptoms after removing gluten from their diet. Many products and restaurants now offer gluten-free options.