Sexual Assault Prevention?

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How do you protect yourself from sexual assault? This should be a matter running on your brains all of the time. Why? Because the numbers are alarming; more and more women are reported as victims of rape and sexual assaults. So, what are the things that you can do to steer clear of sexual assault? Or perhaps even merely to minimize the odds that you will be placed into situations where sexual assault is more likely.

Be aware

When you are on your own turf you may still be attacked if you are not careful. So it is best to be ready. Don’t let a repairman in if you did not call for one. Confirm things with condo employees if a repairman claims he has been sent.

  • Be alert and prepared with your cellular phone for emergencies. Before getting out of your home, make sure it’s charged.
  • Never abandon your friends and be lonely.
  • Devise a plan before going out. Agree on code words to ease things to remain connected.
  • Avoid drinking from punch bowls.
  • Never leave your drink unattended-even once you visit the bathroom.
  • If you weren’t able to attend your beverage even for a few blinks, grab a new one. Drugs widely utilized in date rap es could be poured immediately into your drink.
  • Avoid drinking strange tasting beverages.
  • Never share drinks.
  • Never accept a drink from anybody-unless that you can see the bartender pouring it.
  • Steer clear of clubs that enable women to get free of charge and offer free drinks for them.
  • If things do not feel right, trust your instincts, leave the location asap and operate to a location where you can be secure.

Keep in mind

When outdoors, you have to be alert and always be cautious of what goes on around you. Act confidently, walk erect, and intentionally, this way you’ll be able to deter a rapist. This is due to the fact that the majority of suspects tend to attack individuals who seem aimless or vulnerable. When walking the streets, keep away from dark an d narrow alleys. Don’t take shortcuts on rough looking neighborhood or deserted pathways, and make a point to remain on main streets.

Always be with somebody after dark. Ask a close friend to bring you. If walking can not be averted, walk fast and take a non-deserted route. Being prepared with pepper spray or some other weapon is also a smart idea. Learn exactly your location. In the eventuality you need to call for help, call for a taxi and tell them your exact location. 911 dispatchers also ask you places first, so find out where you are — get the name of the region and the street. Most victims get assaulted when entering their automobiles.

Hence, holding your keys before approaching your vehicle can help you to not fumble for them in case you’re attacked. Quickly enter your car once you open the door and drive off without delay. We’ve tackled sexual assault preventive ideas you can use when at home, when attending parties, and if you are outdoors. So don’t become a victim of rape or any type of sexual assault. Get familiar with the wise tips presented to you ; so you’re prepared all the time.