Reasons To Meditate?

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Meditation is the practice of lowering the brain frequency from a waking Beta condition to a slower Alpha state. As a heart beats a specific number of beats per minute, the mind pulses a specific quantity of brainwaves each second. In the Beta waking state, brainwaves vary from 15 to 40 cycles per second.

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In the Alpha state, brainwaves vary from 9 to 14 cycles per second. Beta is the normal state for waking thoughts and daily activities such as speaking, working, and shopping. Beta is the condition most individuals are in when in a working manner. Alpha is the slower condition where an individual may reflect, meditate or ponder thoughts. In his book Getting in the Gap, Dr Wayne Dyer discusses daily meditation brings us into a closer, more personal relationship with God.

By understanding God, our source of being, we can discover true meaning for our lives. Dr. Dyer writes,”The overriding reason for making meditation a part of our everyday life is to join forces with our sacred power and regain the ability of our Source (God). Through meditation, we can tap into a wealth of creative energy that resides within us, and a more meaningful experience of life, which enriches us indefinitely.


By meditating, we come to understand God instead of knowing about God”. This deeper, richer, calming experience has a profound effect on mind, body and soul. Our minds become clearer; the noise and chatter in our minds fades off. In its place encounter feelings of peace, calmness and a feeling of awareness.

We feel lighter, younger and rejuvenated. Moods brighten and irritability is removed paving the way for better thoughts, enhanced memory, insightfulness and imagination. The ability to relax and calm our minds has its own physical advantages also. As our heads our soothed, bodily pain and tension are reduced or removed. Chronic pain including severe headaches can be completely negated.

Our circulatory, immune and cardiovascular systems function better. The benefits of meditation are immense. In a world of everyday tension and anxiety, meditation paves the way for a healthy mind, body and soul. For healthy living, practice meditation every day.